Hotel Marketing

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The multi-dimensional developments in the society, an increase in the discretionary income, the development of corporate culture, an apparent change in the lifestyles, globalisation of fashion, culture and civilisation, disintegration in the traditional concept of a big family, sophisticated developments in the field of communications, inventions and innovations in the field of information super highway are some of the important aspects paving ways for the development of hotel industry, particularly in developing countries like ours. These developments are a mute testimony to this proposition that in the coming days the hotel industry would gain a rapid momentum. In a true sense, recent developments in the socio-economic parlance have engineered a strong foundation for the development of hotel industry. Optimism paves the way for development on the whole.

The present book studies the application of modern marketing principles in the hotel industry. Of late, the marketing environment for the hotel business is found highly volatile and competitive. This necessitates innovative marketing strategies. The formulation of a sound marketing mix for the hotel services is significant to make possible right decisions. The book studies and highlights in its purview almost all the components directly or indirectly influencing the commercial viability of hotels.

This is a book to bring more people into hotels more often and to make sure that they like the hotel so much that they come back, not once, but again and again.

The students of Hotel Management, Master of Tourism Administration, Travel Agency Training Programme etc., would find the book useful. The policy makers, the marketing practitioners and academics would also be benefited. This text will create courses in the marketing discipline.


Book Content of Hotel Marketing
1. The Foundation of Hotel Marketing
2. Behavioural Profile of Hotel Customers
3. Hotel Market Segmentation
4. Marketing Information System for Hotels
5. Hotel Product Strategy
6. Hotel Promotion Strategy
7. Hotel Pricing Strategy
8. Hotel Placement Strategy
9. Overall Marketing Strategy for Hotel
10. Emerging Challenges Before Hotel Indutry
11. Hotel Planning for 21st Century

About The Author

Dr. S.M. Jha -

Formerly Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration and Vice-chancellor S.M. Jha, Ph.D., Litt., Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar is an original thinker and a creative writer. Professor Jha has made significant contributions to the management literature in the form of papers and books. Prof. Jha has to his credit more than ninety papers published in the journals of national and international repute. He has supervised twenty-five doctoral research projects on which Ph.D. Degree has already been awarded. The noble contributions of Dr. Jha in the form of books are: Taxation and the Indian Economy, Marketing Management in Indian Perspective, Services Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Marketing, Social Marketing, Hospital Management, Bank Marketing, Marketing Non-profit Organisations and Personal Care Management.

Prof. Jha is an active member of European Society of Marketing Research (ESOMAR), The Netherlands, and Marketing Education Group (MEG), UK. He has served Frederick Institute of Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus Thrice during 1994-96 and 2003-04 as a Visiting Professor to teach MBA students of University of Wales, Cyprus Chapter. He has presented a paper entiled `Advertising Effectiveness in Social Marketing` in an International Conference organised in 1996 by the Glasgow University, Scotland.

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