Introduction to Computer Graphics

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The book "Introduction to Computer Graphics" covers quite well the basic and some of the more complex aspects of Computer Graphics. Apart from serving as an excellent introduction to more important theoretical practices of Computer Graphics, the book also throws light on some practical concepts. This book provides an introduction to Computer Graphics for students who wish to learn the basic principles and techniques of the field. Readers of every kind will, I hope, find material in this book of their interest. Also, who want technical substance, can read as a general introduction to computer graphics. It can be used by instructors and students as a resource/textbook to know the subject in a better way. The book is written with the viewpoint of syllabus of MCA, BCA as well as B.Tech. (CS and IT) courses of various universities like GGSIPU, WBTU, MDU, UPTU and many other technical universities. The book also contains some of the solved exercises and some basic programs written in C language for better understanding for the students, as well as question bank is provided for enriching the quest banks of learning among the readers. Solved short question answers, as well as previous question papers of different universities and their courses have been attached as Appendix.


Book Content of Introduction to Computer Graphics
1. Introduction to Graphics
2. Scan Conversion
3. 2-D Transformations
4. Curves and surfaces
5. 3-D Transformations
6. Projection
7. Solid Modelling
8. Illumination Model
9. Visible Surface Determination
10. Drawing Graphics
Appendix A1 − Short Answer Type Questions
Appendix A2 − Question Papers

About The Author

Sumit Chauhan, a distinction holder in many subjects, with over ten years of experience as a faculty member and a courseware designer. He is among the first post- graduates in Masters of Computer Application from GGS Indraprastha University. Mr. Chauhan has authored many online tutorials and also contributed to a book with title "Programming in C using Linux". He has also contributed in various National and International publications. He has organised 10 National seminars / workshops and International conferences and also attended over 15 National and International conferences and seminars / workshops. At present, he is working as an Assistant Professor and Head-Development Cell at Management Education and Research Institute, GGSIP University, New Delhi and pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science. His area of interest includes: Computer Graphics, Distributed Database Management System, Linux and Knowledge Management System.

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