Bank Marketing

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 380

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About The Book

Corporation made ways for the development of corporate culture which opened doors for the emergence of techniculture. The new generation of ICT opened new vistas for the development of multi-channel banking considerably influenced by e-banking. This paved the avenues for redefining the concept of service quality in the banking world. The process of technological sophistication started gaining a rapid momentum since the beginning of 21st century. The banks all over the world started promoting techno-driven services. This helped banks in satisfying and retaining the customers. At the same time, the security threats on account of increasing cyber crime complicated the task of bank professionals.

During yesteryears, the global economic recession has aggravated the magnitude of problem and we find even big players in Europe and USA falling like ninepins.

The present book "Bank Marketing" attempts to study the multi-dimensional problems helping bank professionals in marketing the services. Compete or perish, is a slogan necessitating due attention of bankers in improving the quality. Studying and understanding the markets, identifying the levels of expectations of customers, formulating a sound marketing strategy sizably influenced by customisation are some of the key issues before marketers which they can successfully tackle with this new edition of the book.

The students of MBA, Bank Marketing, Bank Management would find this book useful while enriching their knowledge bank. The policy-makers, bank practitioners, academicians and many others would be benefited from the literature made available to them.

Written in a lucid style, the book would be useful to the bank professional in perceiving a time-tested perception of service quality.


Content -

1. The Foundation of Bank Marketing
2. Behavioural Profile of Bank Customers
3. Market Segmentation For Banks
4. Marketing Information System For Banks
5. Marketing Planning For Banks
6. Marketing Strategy
7. Marketing Mix For Banks
8. Product Strategy
9. Promotion Strategy
10. Pricing Strategy
11. Place Strategy
12. Strategic Decisions For Expanded Ps

About The Author

Dr. S.M. Jha -

Formerly Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration and Vice-chancellor S.M. Jha, Ph.D., Litt., Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Administration, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar is an original thinker and a creative writer. Professor Jha has made significant contributions to the management literature in the form of papers and books. Prof. Jha has to his credit more than ninety papers published in the journals of national and international repute. He has supervised twenty-five doctoral research projects on which Ph.D. Degree has already been awarded. The noble contributions of Dr. Jha in the form of books are: Taxation and the Indian Economy, Marketing Management in Indian Perspective, Services Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Marketing, Social Marketing, Hospital Management, Bank Marketing, Marketing Non-profit Organisations and Personal Care Management.

Prof. Jha is an active member of European Society of Marketing Research (ESOMAR), The Netherlands, and Marketing Education Group (MEG), UK. He has served Frederick Institute of Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus Thrice during 1994-96 and 2003-04 as a Visiting Professor to teach MBA students of University of Wales, Cyprus Chapter. He has presented a paper entiled `Advertising Effectiveness in Social Marketing` in an International Conference organised in 1996 by the Glasgow University, Scotland.

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