Understanding Cinema

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

One would wonder as to why should there be a book on, "Understanding Cinema". Cinema is a visual medium. You buy a ticket, enter a darkened hall, much on your pop corn and allow a story to unfold on a plain white screen. Well, very few of us try to understand the entire process of this unique story telling.

The story is told not through the performances of the stars and the drama but it is conveyed by the camera, the editing, the sound, special effects, action, costume and so many other minute aspects of film making.

If you were to wish to enter this field, it is important to understand the base of the story telling. It is not as easy as absorbing the words of a book, it is an entirely different medium, where so many departments contribute to that one story.

Mumbai University has introduced this as a subject in the 3rd semester of the BMM course.


Book Content of Understanding Cinema
1. Early Narrative Cinema
2. Early Indian Cinema
3. Early Hollywood Cinema and the Evolution of the Hollywood Studio System
4. Italian Neo-Realism and its Impact on Indian Directors, Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy
5. French New Wave Cinema
6. Director Akira Kurosawa and the Impact of His Work on Hollywood Cinema and Indian Cinema
7. Hollywood Classical Narrative Films : Alfred Hitchcock / Agatha Christie
8. The Super Star System and the Hindi Formula Film
9. Contemporary Hollywood Film Makers of 90`s and 2000
10. Indo Global Cinema: With Special Reference to Salaam Bombay, Namesake, Provoked
11. Indian Regional Films and Film Makers − Shantaram, Satyajit Ray, Adoor Gopalkrishnan
12. Crossover Films and Works of Film Makers Shyam Benegal/Madhur Bhandarkar
13. The Business of Cinema-Production, Distribution, Exhibition, Branding, Promotion and Marketing of Films
14. Major Film Awards and Institutions
15. The Technical Aspects of Film: Cinematography, Editing, Special Effects, Mise En Scene', Sound

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