Economics For Management (Text and Cases)

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book is a comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabi of Economics For Management Curriculum of Indian Universities and B-Schools including W.B.Technical University, UPTU and Other Universities.

This book has been written in a unique style with simple language and numerous examples with Case Studies. Management Students will find this book friendly and very helpful. Business Managers and Corporate Leaders would greatly by using this book for specific purposes.

Content -

Joan Robinson
Adam Smith,1723 − 1790
Alfred Marshall,1842 − 1924
1. Introduction
2. Analysis of Demand
3. Production Function
4. Theory of Cost
5. Analysis of Competition, Competitive Situation
6. Factor Pricing − I
7. Factor Pricing − II
Question Bank
David Ricardo, 1772 − 1823
John Maynard Keynes, 1883 − 1946
1. The Birth of Macro Economic Theory
2. National Income
3. Public Finance
4. Balance of Trade
5. Economic Development and Welfare
Question Bank

About The Author

Prof. S.K. Sarangi, a distinguished Chemical Engineer from IIT, Kharagpur with PGDM (Eqv. MBA), M.Phil (Management), has been a professional manager, an Academician and an Author. Prof. Sarangi is currently HOD - Business Administration and Vice Principal (Head of Institute) BP Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, Saltlake, Kolkata.      

He has written more than twenty books in Economics, Values & Ethics, Operations Management, Total Quality Management and other for UG & PG levels of Management and B.Tech levels of Indian Universities & B-Schools. Prof. Sarangi is an Accredited Management Teacher of All India Management Association, a Chartered Engineer & Fellow of Indian Institute of Engineers, India and a Fellow Life Member of India Institute of valuers.     

Prof. Sarangi has also written about a dozen of Articles on Economics, Environment, Indian Market, Strategic Management, Business Ethics and the Indian SME sector including Innovation Management and has got these papers published in various Business Magazines, Institute Publications and Business Newspapers.

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