Modern Approaches in Soil Agriculture And Environmental Microbiology

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About The Book

The book,which is a comprehensive Compilation of eleven of Chapters, has been entitled "Modern Approaches to Soil, Agriculture and Environmental Microbiology" by the authors Dr. Shiva C. Aithal and Dr. Nikhilesh Kulkarni, because the origin of microbial activity by and large starts with soil and eventually effects the environment,with man accomplished techniques like agriculture contributing to the process. The authors have consciously and meticulously put efforts in study in the syllabus pertaining to various universities, so that a broad range of syllabus is encompassed, which will help not only the students but also the teachers alike.

The advancements that have taken place in all phases of soil agriculture and environmental microbiology have made it necessary to prepare this book. In order to bring the material up-to-date, the book has been thoroughly revised and written The chapters show the most significant compilation a containing a considerable amount of basics because it is believed that no student can intelligently understand or pursue research without first having had a sound knowledge of the fundamental concepts significantly more textbook materials has been incorporated in this edition and laboratory protocols have been kept out in a deliberate attempt to justify and encourage those who prefer the protocols given in good manuals.

Primarily aimed as a textbook on the subject of soil agriculture and environmental microbiology and biotechnology for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, we hope this book to be of significant assistance to them written in an academic and lucid style, the book should help the reader to quickly master the various biological aspects in varied yet allied areas of microbiology and biotechnology like air, germ free environment, fresh and waste water pollution and its control, soil disease plants genetically modified foods, bio-geochemical cycles, bio-fertilisers, composting, petroleum, bio-degradation, bio-leaching, bio-augmentation. Etc.

A prime objective and hope is that this edition will generate ideas, in the minds of young students, which will bring forth new approaches and methodology leading to further advances in understanding of interactions and their implications for agriculture, soil and environmental microbiology via project and research. We hope that this book becomes a valuable addition to the literature in the subject of microbiology.


Contents :

1. Environement and The Ecosystem
2. Soil Microbiology
3. Composting and Biofertilizers
4. Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture
5. Air Microbiology
6. Water Microbiology
7. Water Pollution and Its Control
8. Petroleum Microbiology
9. Global Environmental Problems
10. Bioremediation and Biocontrol
11. Biodegradation,Bioleaching and Oil Recovery
12. Emerging Technologies in Pollution Management by Microorganisms
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A Word From Authors on How to Answer Exam Questions
Question Bank (Chapter 1-12)

About The Author

 Dr. Shiva Chandrashekhar Aithal graduated from Marathwada University, Aurangabad in 1991 and received his Masters degree in Microbiology from the same university in 1993. He did his doctoral in Microbiology in the applied area of “Ethanol Production” to receive a Ph.D in Microbiology from Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. Dr. Aithal is serving as a lecturer in Microbiology and at Undergraduate and Post graduate level since 1993 and in Biotechnology from 2005, in Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Parbhani (M.S.). He is a recognised University PG teacher and has guided numerous students at postgraduate level in various fields of research. Presently he is extending his research In enzymes and fermentation technology. Dr, Aithal has participated in many National and International level Conferences and seminars. He has to his credit several papers published in the field of Microbiology in National Journals and Symposia.

Dr. N.S. Kulkarni received his Master’s degree from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad in 1994 and was awarded Ph.D. degree in Microbiology from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Since 1994, he is working as an Head in Department of Microbiology at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Rajasthan Aryans College, Washim. He has guided many research students at Ph.D. level and presently he is extending his research in Endophyte Biotechnology and he is recognized PG Techer in Microbiology. He has authored several scientific research publications and attended both conferences of National and International repute including one of SAARC countries. In addition to this, he is also the author of a books entitled General Enzymology and Food and Nutrition. He is also member of Board of Studies in Biochemistry including Microbiology in Sent Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.

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