Encyclopaedia of the History of Mass Media (Volume I to V)

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

In the true sense, History of Mass Media is in fact, history of print media and electronic media. To comprehend, the history of Mass Media or the development of the gathering and transmitting of news spans the growth of technology and trade, marked by the advance of specialized techniques for gathering and disseminating information in a regular basis that has caused, as history of journalism, surmises the steady increase of "the scope of news available to us and the speed with which it is transmitted."

In modern context, Mass Media is a world in itself. It is a vest independent discipline today. This is a thorough book for scholars, students and professionals. This Encyclopedia is a comprehensive work for all of them.

Book Content of Encyclopedia of the History of Mass Media (Volume I to V)

Volume I

  1. Historical backdrop of Mass Media
  2. Evolution of Mass Media
  3. Concept and Perception of Mass Media
  4. Impact of Mass Media


Volume II

  1. The Backdrop of Mass Media
  2. Evolution and Development of Mass Media
  3. Growth of Mass Media at a Fast Pace
  4. Practical Development of Mass Media
  5. Gradual Growth of Mass Media
  6. Development of Broadcasting and Telecasting
  7. Evolution of Technology and Mass Media
  8. Role of Technology in Mass Media
  9. Media Technology in Vogue
  10. Role of Television in Mass Media
  11. Role of Internet in Mass Media


Volume III

  1. History of Journalism
  2. History of Broadcast Media
  3. History of Telecast Media
  4. History of World Wide Web
  5. History of Celluloid


Volume IV
  1. History of Books and Writing
  2. History of Printing
  3. History of Information Technology
  4. History of Communication
  5. History of Media Literacy
  6. Electronic Media
  7. Digital Media
  8. New Media
  9. Visual Aids in Mass Media


Volume V
  1. Media Planning
  2. Types of Mass Media
  3. Typology of Mass Media
  4. Social Orientation of Mass Media
  5. Freedom of Mass Media


About The Author

Imran Ahmed, a technocrat by profession and author by choice, he is a post graduate. He is a devoted researcher and serious writer. He is based in Delhi and runs a consultancy service. He has several books to his credit. Lately, he has devoted his attention to Mass Media, this is his latest work on the subject, Presently, he is busy in completing his work on `History of Electronic Media`.

B.D. Usmani, a post-graduate, and academic in his own right. He has recently diversified to writing and research. Education is his area of interest. He has several books to his credit. Currently, he is engaged in a project on Educational Administration.

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