Managing The Knowledge Economy For Regional Development

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

It is a matter of great pride and honour to bring forth this conference volume, on the occasion of CIMS 10. This conference has been organized at a juncture when knowledge economy has received a pride of place in the era of globalization having regional dimensions. It is a compilation of 22 papers by the eminent academicians from different management institute and experts from different fields. The central theme of the conference is managing the knowledge Economy for regional Development.

Book Content of Managing The Knowledge Economy For Regional Development


Regional Economic Development through Knowledge Economy
  1. Knowledge Economy for Regional Development-
    A Case Study of Vidarbha Region
  2. Knowledge Economy - Way to Social Inclusion and
    Community Well-being
  3. Social Capital, Resilience of Communities and Forest
    Conservation: A Visit to Two Forest Communities from
    Vidarbha Region in Central India
  4. Winning Strategies in Recession-A Learning Experience
    From Few Indian Corporation
  5. Application of Quality Function for Sustainable
    Management of Peri-urban Water Supply Schemes

    SME and Knowledge Economy

  6. Underlying Factors Responsible For Development
    Of Technical Entrepreneurship in Selected SSI
    In Maharashtra

    Human Resource Development for Knowledge Economy

  7. Strategic HRM Practices in an Era of Knowledge Economy
  8. HRD Challenges in a Knowledge Economy
  9. Responsibility and Ethics
  10. Cost of Knowledge and Industrial Relations
    (An Ethical Discretion Influencing Industrial Development)

    Knowledge Management in Manufacturing Organization

  11. Knowledge Management in Manufacturing Organization
  12. Industrial Development and Globalization Policies in India

    Knowledge Economy for Wealth Management

  13. Role of Knowledge Economy in Developing Rural Banking System
  14. Opportunities and Challenges of Private Equity Market In India

    International Networking

About The Author

K.L. Ghosh

Sagar Khursunge

Shyam Shukla

Yogita Sure

Ajay Talwekar

Anjali Kulkarni

Anup Suchak

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