Guidelines on Project Report

ISBN Number : 81-7493-701-3

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 114

Book Weight :108

About The Book

The first edition of Guidelines of Project Report was published in 1999. We did not expert that soon there would be a need for second edition within a span of a year. The publishers had to bring out a reprint. This great response was beyond our expectation. Hence, we had to enlarge the scope of the book and improve it in some related areas.

In the first editions, it was not possible to include some topics.

This edition Contains:
- An Introduction to Research process.
- Research process Chart.
- Introduction to the Problem-Brief
- Hypothesis Development
- Use of Statistical Tools
- Data Processing/Analysis
- Steps Involved in Hypothesis Testing
- Questionnaire Format for Marketing and Personnel Management

With the inclusion of the above and changes to the existing, it is hoped that the second edition of the book will be more useful to the management students.


Book Content of Guidelines on Project Report
1. Why Project Work is Necessary?
2. What is a Project?
3. Criteria for Selection of Projects
4. Selecting a Topic and an Organization
5. Get Smart before you Start - Do`s and Dont`s
6. Introduction to Research Process
1. General Introduction (Industrial Background)
2. Introduction to the Problem
3. A Brief Description of the Organisation (Company Profile)
4. Theoretical Perspectives
5. Methodology
6. Data Preparation
7. Findings
8. Limitations
9. Conclusions and Recommendations
- Size of the Project Report
- Review and Presentation
- Evaluation of the Report
- Viva-voce and Preparation for Viva-voce
- Questionnaire (Steps Involved in Preparing a Questionnaire)
- Report Writing
- Planner for Project Report

About The Author

M. Prakash -

M.Com., M.Phil.,

Principal, Sheshadripuram First Grade College,

New Town, Yelahanka, Bangalore-560 064.

M. Shiv Kumar -

M.B.A. (Marketing), M.S., (Counselling and Psychtheraphy) Management Consultant on Marketing Strategy, and Behavioural Science Director-MBC Consultancy, Visiting Faculty, Bangalore-560 064.


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