Operations Management

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Year of Publication : 2011

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About The Book

Operations Management focuses on getting things done and converting inputs into outputs through some conversion of transformation processes. Operations managers integrate the manufacturing and service operations required to produce the tangible/intangible outputs and manage the productive systems both efficiently and effectively. They face wide variety of challenges in the current business environment which has became highly competitive because of globalizations and technological advancements in the operations area. Increasing competition has compelled operation managers world-wide to strive to increase utilization of existing facilities and economies on depleting natural resources and at the same time achieve higher productivity to sustain competition and ensure survival and growth of their organizations. Today operations management assumes a major role to play in the financial success and profitability of an enterprise snagged in producing tangible goods or offering services to meet the requirements of its customers and achieve high degree of customer satisfaction.


Book Content of Operations Management
1. An Overview of Operations Management
2. Process Management
3. Operations Planning and Control
4. Aggregate Planning
5. Scheduling of Operations
6. Facility Location and Layout
7. Maintenance Management
8. Quality Control
9. Work Study
10. Materials Management
11. Stores Management
12. Inventory Management
13. Value Analysis

About The Author

K. Shridhara Bhat, a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with postgraduate diploma in Industrial Management and Master`s degree in Business Administration is currently engaged in part-time teaching as a visiting professor and consultancy in the field of management education and industry.

Earlier, he worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Management Studies, East Point College of Engineering and Technology and BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore during the period of 1994 to 2005.

Before taking up teaching profession, he served Bharat Electronics for a period of about 26 years in the areas of Production and Operations Management, Materials Management, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, etc.

He has authored books in subjects such as – Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Business Process Reengineering, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques, Management and Behavioural Processes, World-class Manufacturing, Logistics Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc.

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