Women Empowerment Through Micro-Finance

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

This book is entitled "Women Empowerment through Micro-finance". The main aim of authoring this book is to improve and enlighten the condition or status of women. Women companies of half of the mankind. And women`s empowerments in Manipur have proved to be a powerhouse in the generation of economic security and progress.

Women Entrepreneurs in Manipur have contributed in a large scale in the economic development of the regions. Women in this region are hardworking, courageous, and talented. Empowering women is an active process to realize the hidden identity and power of women in all aspects of life. 

Women SHGs in India is a new and burning issue with great prospectus and perspectives. Women have been participating in economic activities and such opportunities are blooming at an increasing pattern. SHGs in Manipur are a boon to women especially rural women. Women SHGs in Manipur have proved that they can bring a major change in the economic and social condition and also to reduce gender inequality.

This book highlights the need and importance of empowerment of women for social, economic and financial development. Women`s participation in economic activities is given more emphasis particularly in the context of Manipur. The total populations of Manipur, allocation of different regions, geographical features, economic conditions, industry, literacy rate etc. are also highlighted.

Manipuri women are more supporters of their families than their husbands and in many ways they supported themselves entirely. Manipuri women are involved in the indoor as well as outdoor activities. They have talent in many fields like weaving, tailoring, dairy, poultry, agriculture, etc. 

So, it`s time to boost their talents and mark their participation in the up-liftment of their economic as well as social status through Micro-finance has become very important components of strategies to reduce poverty and promote micro and small enterprise development. Micro-finance is helping the women of manipur through their financial assistance.

This book has been intended to give all the necessary details of hoe micro-finance is assisting women financially and driving the race of their empowerment.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Review of Related Literature
3. Design of the Study
4. Economic Characteristics of Manipur
5. Self Help Groups in Manipur
6. Economic Condition of Self Help Group
7. Problem and Policy Measures for Economic Empowerment through Women Self Help Groups
8. Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions
Case Studies

About The Author

Dr. Robita Sorokhaibam born in 1968 obtained her doctoral degree in Commerce from Manipur University. At present, she is an Associate Professor in Commerce Department, Manipur University and teaches Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Strategic Management. Her area of interest is "Women Development". Currently, she is working on a Major Research Project entitled "Problems, Prospects and Opportunities of women Entrepreneurs in Manipur" sponsored by U.G.C.

Dr. Robita is a prolific writer. She has written a good number of articles in various journals. She has also attended numerous seminars, workshops and conferences and also a member of various academic bodies. She has also organized an "EDP Programme" in Manipur University for generation of self-employment. She is also nominated as a member of an "Expert Committee" of State`s Women Commission, Manipur.

Dr. N.T. Singh (born in 1965) is an Associate Professor and Head in the Department of Commerce, Manipur University, Manipur. He passed B.Com. (Hons) and M.Com. from Allahabad University completed his Ph.D. in Manipur University.

Dr. Singh contributed a number of papers in the leading journals and also attended a good number of also attended a good number of National and International Conferences both in India and abroad. He is also a life member of various academic bodies. He delivers a number of lectures as a guest / resource person and attended various workshops and courses.

Dr. Singh has been teaching P.G. since 1993. He has published a book entitled "Information Technology for E-Management Science", 2009 in his credit. Three students have got the degree of Ph.D. under his supervision. His areas of specialization are Management Information System, Quantitative Technique and Finance.

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