Time Management

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-212-4

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 282

Book Weight :280

About The Book

Time Management is concerned with the activities, concepts, and techniques employed in deriving the best ultimate value of every rupee spent in the management of resources. When emphasis was on the resource of time, the term Time Mangement was used to describe the business and managerial responsibilities. The term Time Mangement is more applicable today because of equal emphasis on providing and securing a larger measure of prosperity and hapiness for the working people.

Time Management, an In-depth, Hands-on-Reference is designed to be working all-in-one reference to all of the aspects that make up corporate resource of time. A concerted effort has been made to fully explain and illustrate the concepts introduced so that the reader with little or no actual managerial experience can grasp the more complex dimensions.

Book Content of Time Management
1. Effective Use of Time
2. Utilization of Time Resource
3. Manager`s Responsibility for Communication
4. Oral Communication Activities
5. Managing Information
6. Technical Obsolesence
7. Standards-Labour and Material
8. Your Road Best Travelled-Self-Leadership
9. Mastering Your Life

About The Author

The book "Time Management" written by Reuben Ray has produced a text that does more than simply analyse the challenge to corporate world.   

Reuben is professionally blended with high academic standard in Science and Management, Linguistics andsocial sciences, literature, literature and philosophy, having accomplished several post-graduate degrees and diplomas in the specialized subjects.

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