Encyclopaedia of Media Management (Volume I To V)

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

In today`s world, Media Management is a significant subject. Media denotes a discipline, specifically designed to reach a very large audience, such as the population of a nation-state. The term was coined in early 20th century with the advent of nationwide radio networks, mass circulation newspapers and magazines. Now media includes internet media and individuals now have a means to exposure that is comparable in scale to that previously restricted to a select group of means media producers. Though communication has always been an important need of life, it assumed the status of the most essential and one of the basic of life in later half of 20th century. As a result, a number of different and diverse forms of media emerged and institutions imparting their thorough knowledge mushroomed throughout the width and length of the country and the world.

This Encyclopaedia is an asset for scholars, professionals, teachers and students.

Contents :

Volume I

- Organisational Media Management
- Functional Management of Media
- Re-organised Media Management
- Management of Publication
- Newspaper Management
- Managing Creativity in Media
- Managing Objectives and Aims of Media
- Functioning System of Media Management
- Communication Management


Volume II

- Fundamental Issues in Media Management
- Value and Traditions of Media Management
- Common Elements of Media Management
- Media Management Dimensions
- Major Dimensions of Media Management
- Changing Dimensions of Media Management
- New Trends and Challenges for Media Management
- Responsible Media Management
- Managing Media`s New Role
- Managing in a New Avatar
- Specified Cases in Media


Volume III

- Editorial Management
- Team Management in Media
- Accomplishment of the Management Task
- Editor`s Responsibility in Management
- Managing Art of Editing
- Reporting and Media Management
- Managing Reporter`s Role in Media
- Managing News Perceptions in Media
- Significance of News and Media Management
- Managing Sources of News
- News Coverage Management
- Management for Making News
- Managing Development of News
- Managing Presentation of News


Volume IV

- Management in Journalism Fields
- Newspaper`s Positions under Media Management
- Management of News Agencies
- Broadcasting and Telecasting Management
- Electronic Media Management
- Managing News Editing
- Managing Good Stuff for Newspapers
- Managing Interviews
- Communication Management in Media


Volume V

- Managing Social Orientation of Media
- Managing Social Status of Media
- Managing Media Themes
- Management under Different Media Theories
- Managing Media Research
- Managing Methods of Research in Media
- Managing Marketing Research in Media
- Managing Public Opinion in Media
- Managing Audience Studies and Media Influence
- Managing Copyright and Censorship in Media
- Managing Future Prospects of Media


About The Author

B.D. Usmani, a post-graduate, and academic in his own right. He has recently diversified to writing and research. Education is his area of interest. He has several books to his credit. Currently, he is engaged in a project on Educational Administration.

Dr. M.A. Shewan, a reputed journalist, author and academic. He is highly qualified, with many feathers in his cap. He has an illustrious career, as a journalist and author, spanned over two decades. He has edited several periodicals and has many books to his credit, as editor and author. He has a large social base, which enables him to study realities of life in depth. Of late, he has devoted himself to serious research and writing. He has, in particular, focused his attention on the lives and works of freedom fighters and other leading figures in political and social life. Currently, he represents in western UP, a leading national group of newspapers from Delhi. He is based at Aligarh.

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