In the Shadow of Women

ISBN Number : 81-8318-168-6

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 165

Book Weight :230

About The Book

The book "IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN" also can be re-christened as a `dictionary to women` paints the different colourful shades that a women spreads in to the lives of each one of us as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, girlfriend etc etc. The author has very skillfully portrayed the virtues of an ideal woman befitting the Indian culture in a broad aspect. By Indian culture, the author doesn`t imply the old orthodox stingy one but the one where women are seen and treated as human beings, as the source giver of new life, as an equal partner working shoulder to shoulder with men.


Book Content of In the Shadow of Women

One : Indian Women

Two : Rural Women The Original Ones: Malati at her Best

Three : The Bold and The Beautiful - Aruna Personified

Four : The Ambitious Woman - The Go-Getters - Trishna Unquenched

Five : The Goddesses - The Truly Affluent Ones - Savitri

Six : The Versatile Woman - Exceptions Prove The Rule-Payal the role model

Seven : Women As...

  1. Mothers
  2. Teachers
  3. Dream Girls
  4. Homemakers
  5. Liberators
  6. Professionals
  7. Lady Nightingale

Eight : Women`s Instincts

  1. Temperament
  2. Behaviour
  3. Story Tellers
  4. Gestures
  5. Women?s Sacrifices
  6. Women Achievers
  7. Think About This - Food for Thought

Nine : Women The Spice of Life: The Neighbouring Women: Everything she Possesses

  1. Her Dog
  2. Her Children
  3. As Pride
  4. The Seekers and Pokers
  5. Her Maid

Ten : Women as Colleagues

Eleven : The Women Re-defined


About The Author

 Lt Col Kaushik Sircar is a serving officer of the Indian Army who by sint of his service has had the rare opportunity to serve in the remotest parts of India for over 18 years. A post graduate from Madras University and an MBA (Pers) from SIMS, Pune. He is also a Senior Level Defence Management Graduate from DAVV Indore. 

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