From Sublime To Ridiculous Reflections of A HR Professional

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 82

About The Book

The book is about the insight acquired by the author during his association with industries as Human Resource Executive and later as HR Consultant. As a keen observe of Human Behaviour he has been able to trace various shades of motivation of people. The narration of events and situation are intended to make the reader reflect. This is not yet another book on Management but an absorbing account of a professional who could discover the extra-ordinaries of the ordinary and foolhardiness of the educated elite. This sublime to ridiculous spectrum of fascinating anecdotes is a storehouse of case studies for Students of Management Science.


Book Content of From Sublime To Ridiculous Reflections of A HR Professional
  1. Bowing my head to him
  2. 99 Not out
  3. Well of death
  4. The Boy in me
  5. A Mayor with a difference


  6. Evil Eyes
  7. Matter of Dignity
  8. Management at Cross Purpose
  9. Of Designations
  10. Dangerous Actions
  11. The Company Policy
  12. The Company Image
  13. The Power of Attorney
  14. Loss of Pride
  15. Whose life is it anyway?
  16. Inadvertent Learning
  17. Language of the Heart
  18. Blessing in Disguise
  19. Memography
  20. Clash of the Titans
  21. Self Destructive Ego Trip
  22. Transparency
  23. Retreat is the Better Part of Discretion
  24. A Decent Precedent


  25. Harsh Reality
  26. Fauxpas
  27. Eloquent Actions
  28. Weakness of Vulnerability
  29. Man Behind the Mask
  30. Your Image
  31. Doting Parents
  32. Stretching it too far
  33. A Benign Mischief
  34. A Matter of Perception

About The Author

Dr. Satish Koushik is a Post Graduate in Arts and Graduate in Law from Nagpur University. He also has a Master`s Degree in Social Work specialising in Personnel Welfare and Industrial Relations from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

After over 15 years experience as Personnel Executive in Multi-National Companies like Guest Keen Williams, Philips India Limited, Associated Bearing Company Ltd. (SKF), he started Consultancy in Human Resources Management in 1971 in the name and style of "Deccan Management Consultants" of which he is the Director. Deccan Management Consultants have established a wide network of clientele in Maharashtra in offering expertise in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws and Work Measurement. Besides Consultancy in Human Resource Management, he is engaged in Management Education in Pune as a member of the Advisory Board of Institute Management Development of Research. Symbiosis Institute of Management and University Department of Management Science. A visiting professor at the Tata Management Training Centre, Pune and Shivaji University Kolhapur, he has addressed various professional conferences in India. He has participated in the Personnel Executives Conference in Sweden and has widely travelled in Europe and Far East.

He presented a paper "TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS — A FUTURE PERSPECTIVE" at the National Seminar on "TECHNOLOGY, PRODUCTIVITY AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS" conducted by Shri Ram Centre of Industrial Relations, New Delhi in March 1988. In April 1988, National Institute of Personnel Management conducted a seminar in which he presented a paper "BUY EFFORTS". He was Chairman of the National Institute of Personnel Management, Pune Chapter. He has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Pune for his research on "LONG DRAWN STRIKES AND LOCKOUTS". He carried out research on "Rehabilitation of the victims of Industrial Accidents." He has also presented a report for the International Labour Office, Geneva on "Social and Labour Issues in Pulp and Paper Industry in India."

Recently he was conferred Fellowship by National Institute of Personnel Management for the Meritorious service rendered by him to the profession, the Institute and its members. He is deeply involved in socio-cultural organisations. A former member of the Senate of the University of Pune, Former member of the Selection Board of Artists of All India Radio, he has a Master`s Degree in Indian Classical Music (Vocal) and has presented public performances in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

He is a keen Rotarian and actively involved with various Social Service Organisations. He served as District Governor for the Rotary Year 1989-90.

A recipient of Fellowship of the National Institute of Personnel Management, he was the Chairman of the Conference Committee at the NIPM National Conference 2002 in Pune.

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