No Time For You God and Maharishi (The Prophet)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2006

No. Of Pages : 125

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About The Book

No Time For You God

All his cell phones had stopped functioning.his computers had crashed.his voice was choked.he seemed to have been locked from outside.he was gripped by strange dread.he frantically prayed for help."Hill.I AM GOD. God was seated on the chair facing him.


His very fingers (his creation) bore testimony against him. These multitudes of men pushed every day into greater and greater misery and victims of unending pain, bear the marks of his ruthless hands. Tears of widows, fears of spinsters, the empty look of orphans gazed into my eyes and I had to deny the good god.

Contents :

1. Nine Hundred and Sixty Dollars
2. Lincoln Hall,6p.m. 'An Indo-US Vision-IT and New Millennium'
3. Tuesday Morning, 8.50 a.m.
4. Twelve Noon
5. Wednesday Morning
6. Final Chat with God

Maharishi (He Killed the God)
1. Scene-I
2. Scene-II

About The Author

 Praveen Kumar Talwar was born in a middle class family, residing in Delhi. His mother was a staunch devotee of Krishna. A bright student, Praveen, since childhood, was considerably influenced by the devotion of his mother, personalities and teaching of Buddha and Vivekananda and the compassion of Jesus.     

A first class graduate in Chemistry from the prestigious St. Stephens College, Delhi, Praveen chose, not to be bound by a job or profession, to allow himself the freedom to pursue the desires and objectives of his soul. This book is a result of this pursuit.

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