Computer Fundamentals And RDBMS

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 87

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About The Book

This book will help the students to get an overall view all the topics. The book also attempts to help the students in self-study from exam point of view.

The work is inspired by the need of faculty members and students of BBA course that face during the teaching-learning process.

Book Content of Computer Fundamentals And RDBMS

Module 1 Introduction To Computer

Module 2 Classification of Computer

Module 3 Functions And Components of A Computer

Module 4 Inside memory of Computer

Module 5 Peripheral Devices

Module 6 World Wide Web

Module 7 DBMS Concepts

Module 8 Data Model

Module 9 Entity Relationship Diagram- ERD

Module 10 Normalization

Module 11 RDBMS Concepts

Module 12 SQL-A Relational Database Language

About The Author

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