Quantitative Techniques Volume 1

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Book Edition : Forth

Year of Publication : 2008

No. Of Pages : 290

Book Weight :256

About The Book

The entire book has been constructed with five units. Each unit has been presented in a lucid style where the reader will be comfortablewith the subject. First three units are being used to present the statistical aspects, the remaining two units are used to present mathematical aspects of the subject.

Book Content of Quantitative Techniques Volume 1
Unit I
1. Introduction
Unit II
2. Measures of Central Tendency-I
3. Measures of Central Tendency-II
4. Measures of Dispersion
5. Skewness
Unit III
6. Correlation
7. Regression
Unit IV
9. Theory of Indices
10. Matrices and Determinants

About The Author

C.M. Chikkodi -


Former Professor,

K.L.E. `s S. Nijalingappa College,

Rajajinagar, Bengaluru - 79.

Dr. D. Obul Reddy -

M.Com, Ph.D.


Department of Commerce,

Osmania University, Hyderabad.

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