Communication In IT Age

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book is useful for students of business management, commerce, computer science, engineering and in general as well. The present text also serves as a course book for many degree and diploma courses such as MBA, MCA,, BCA, PGDCA, B. Tech., etc. being run by various colleges and universities. In nutshell, present book is useful for everyone who is curious about Business Communication or Information Technology.

Today`s Communication Age centers on the evolution of electronic Information Technology (IT). IT means that helps in processing of information has dominated 21st century and will continue to dominate in the future too. The Information Technology and has been a technical synthesis of Computer and Communication Technology and it has a profound impact on or lives. Although the marriage of Communication and IT is built around the technical theme, its emphasis is equally relevant on social change. IT has played a key role in the service of mankind with its influence on all aspects of society. IT is continuously improving the lives of people. Growth of companies and changing the society by improving communication and its media. The present book highlights the interaction between human communication and the development of Information Technology.

Communication in IT Age is written to help Business communication and Information Technology (IT) students in understanding the basic theories and postulates concerning these two diverse yet inter-disciplinary knowledge areas. Present text focuses on the technological changes that are revolutionizing business communication. The efforts have been made to integrate our conventional understanding of business communication with the growing knowledge of information technology. The field of information technology is also comprehensively discussed.


Contents :

Part A: Introduction
1. Communication in IT Age
Part B : Communication
2. Communication: What and Why?
3. Essentials of Communication
4. Forms of Communication
5. Communication Models
6. Business Writing and Presentations
7. Communicating Non-verbally
8. Communication Barriers
9. Group Behaviour and Communication
10. Cross-Cultural Communication
11. Listen Please
Part C : Information Technology
12. Information Technology: What and Why?
13. Understanding Computers
14. The Internet
15. Managing with Information
16. Development of Systems
17. Data Communication
18. Glossary of Information Technology Terms

About The Author

Dr. Dhiraj Sharma holds three masters in the area of Finance, Commerce and Business Administration respectively. He is a doctorate in the area of Banking and many researchers are doing their M.Phil. and Ph.D. under his guidance. He has twelve books and dozens of published research papers to his credit. Many of his books are serving as text and reference books for many post-graduate courses. He has independently developed many course books for several institutions notably among them are: Punjab University, Chandigarh; All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi; Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), Navi Mumbai; Bangalore University, Bangalore; Zentex Solutions, New Delhi etc. Many of his papers and articles have been published and acclaimed in the reputed national research journals and also on US web portals. He has also worked as Managing Editor for a refereed national research journal for over a period of five years. He is actively involved in writing, teaching and research for the last fifteen years.

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