Globalisation Liberalisation and Strategic Management

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Globalisation of business has become the order of the day, a paradigm of business, a pattern, a vision of business in a global perspective, which is the theme of all business conferences today. The subject is, however, indistinctly defined. We have made an attempt to decipher the term globalisation and the various elements pertaining to it.

Many countries on the globe, including the centrally planned communist countries have currently attained a transformation to integrate themselves with the global economy. India could not resist such a strong current which gripped the global business environment, and hence a liberalisation process has been initiated in recent years. We have examined all such areas where liberalisation has been strongly introduced. How far could these efforts bear fruit

Strategic management is the basic approach in the global business, and hence this book has attained tremendous importance for the global managers who are involved for the global managers who are involved in strategic management. The concept of strategic management is fairly examined here which widened the scope and utility of this work "Globalisation, Liberalisation and Strategic Management". The students and readers of business environment, business policy, strategic management, commerce and management would find this work very much utility oriented as well.

Contents :


1. An Introduction to Globalisation of Business
2. Liberalisation for Globalisation
3. Government and Business
4. Liberalisation vis-a-vis Licensing
5. Industrial Policy Resolutions and Liberalisation
6. Small Industries Sector in a Global Perspective
7. Focus on Multinational Corporations
8. Indian Business Law Under Liberalisation
9. Environment for a Global Business
10. Globalisation in Economic Systems
11. Social Responsibility of Business (in a Global Perspective)
12. Strategic Management for a Global Business
13. Strategic Planning
14. Business Policy in Strategic Management
15. Corporate Strategy
16. Corporate Planning in Strategic Management
17. Functional Strategies
Concluding Remarks

About The Author

Prof. V.P. Michael is a prolific writer in management. His most popular books include over a dozen of widely acclaimed titles in management. He had a brilliant academic career with extensive research, consultancy, professional experience and post-graduate teaching experience in management; and has formidable academic qualifications (three doctoral degrees, three master’s degrees, two fellowships and a number of other qualification including MBA and Ph.D. in Management).   

A management and HRD consultant of considerable repute, Dr. Michael is a sought after trainer and faculty for management education, who is a well-known authority in the subject.   

 A Fellow of the British Institute of Management, London, Prof. Michel has membership of a number of professional bodies. Many of his research papers and professional articles appeared in reputed professional journal

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