Sports Injuries Prevention and Control

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Year of Publication : 2005

No. Of Pages : 192

About The Book

The inspiration for writing this book came when I saw children have become dropouts from sports activities in schools due to injuries. Many parents sent their children with great enthusiasm but it diminishes later, they develop hatred, highly talented children and youths could become dropouts due to severe injuries.

The topic of sports injuries in India is the most unidentified, neglected and unrecognized one. The injury situation and risk is borne by parents, teachers and organizes alone due to non-availability of insurance facilities, health care centers attached to school curriculum. This may be one of the reasons many parents do not like to send their children for vigorous sporting competitions.

There is no enough research on sports activities, fitness programs and on sports injuries. Where as in advanced countries like United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other European countries, this research programs are very popular. This may be the first step by the researcher from India on the basis of "Prevention is better than Treatment of sports injuries".

Book Content of Sports Injuries Prevention and Control
  • Introduction
  • History of sports injuries
  • Development of sports medicine to prevent sports injuries
  • Type of ground and sports injuries
  • Nutritional deficiency and sports injuries
  • Types of sports Injury prevention
  • Physical abnormalities and sports injuries
  • Classification of sports injuries
  • Participation and injury risks in sports
  • Women in sports injuries
  • Body types and sports injuries
  • Psychic factor of sports injuries


  • "Warming up" its role on preventing injuries
  • Injury causes and preventive measures
  • Women at sport injury risk
  • Over training that leads to sports injuries
  • Role of surface, Environment, Rules and Safety
  • Equipment in injury prevention
  • Research finding

About The Author

Born in 1958. Dr. R.G. Venkata Reddy had a distinguished academic career. He studied in K.G.F. First Grade College, obtained his BA, Degree in 1979.After his Graduation he did his B.PEd, and M.PEd, in Physical Education in 1982 from Bangalore University. He was a Principal in the College of Physical Education from 1982-1984. His hard work and sincerity got him a job as Director of Physical Education at K.G.F.First Grade College in 1984 - till date. He did his NIS Cert, in Badminton from SAI, Aurangabad, Maharashtra in 1990. He taught for summer M.PED, course as Lecturer for five years from 1990-1995. He did his MA, Sociology from S.V.University, Thirupati in 1999. He did certificate in Computer application in 1996 and Diploma in Computer application in 2000. He worked as a Research Assistant for Two years at S.K.University, Anantapur under UGC teacher fellowship for the award Ph.D., on sports injuries in 2003. He is responsible to produce forty-eight National, State and Inter University Athletes during his tenure at K.G.F.First Grade College and organized number of National, State and inter University Tournaments. Published papers in National and international journals and presented eleven National and four international papers.

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