Encyclopaedia of Functional Management (Set of 4 Volume)

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Year of Publication : 2008

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As far as the establishments of a business group and its success and progress are concerned, management plays a crucial role. For this very reason, a continuous growth of a trading firm depends upon an efficient management. The management commonly comprises four function; planning, organization, leadership and coordination of the available means. These elements are very important for building a viable organization, as well as a stronger and efficient group to carry out various jobs. These functions must be reformed by various managers, regardless of their designation or the specific task, capability and status, entrusted to them.

Along with multi-faceted development in various walks of life, Functional Management has emerged as a very distinct and important part of Management. No doubt, much work has been done on the subject, but, these still persists a severe lack of an authoritative and comprehensive book, which may address issues related to functional management satisfactorily. This arduous work is an humble attempt in the direction, thereof.


Book Content of Encyclopaedia of Functional Management (Set of 4 Volume)


  1. Introduction
  2. Right Form of Business
  3. Business Planning
  4. Business Plans
  5. Business Policy
  6. Business Objectives and Ethical Standards
  7. Business Functions and Functionalisation
  8. Operations and Basis of Control
  9. Business Procedure



  1. Project Management
  2. Basic Management Problems
  3. Organic Management Functions
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Organisation and Management
  6. Line Organisation
  7. Staff Organisation


  1. Organisational Studies
  2. Organisational Morale
  3. Good Organisation Attributes
  4. Non-financial Incentives
  5. Authority, Decentralisation and Accountability
  6. Design and Production



  1. Economic Control
  2. Preliminary Control of Operations
  3. Concurrent Control of Operations
  4. Fixation of Responsibility
  5. Morale and Integration of Interests
  6. Executive Leadership and Management
  7. Receipt and Storage of Material
  8. Standards and Standardisation
  9. Significance of Inspection


About The Author

Dr. Anil Sexana M.A. Ph.D. D.Lit., and a senior member of Faculty at Agra University, is a reputed scholar, teacher and researchers. Devoted to serious writing and research, he has published some half a dozen books, Currently, he is working on Evolution of Management in India.

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