Environmental Management

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Year of Publication : 2008

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About The Book

The book deals with topics on human resources and environment, sustainable development and environment legislation on a lucid manner. The focus is on core issues of green technologies, need based applications a well as land, water and energy management. This is the requirement of the syllabus. The material presented on this book is highly valuable, easily readable and simple to understand. The reader will enjoy readable and simple to understand. The reader will enjoy learning about this beautiful subject and gain maximum knowledge.

The book `Environmental Management` addresses new generation of Managers, Administrators, Industrialists, Government and Non-Government officers who are interested in finding solutions for development without reduction in valuable resources and in improving living conditions.

Book Content of Environmental Management


  1. Introduction to Human Environment
  2. Land use Policy and Planning
  3. Forests-Importance to Economy and Environment
  4. Biomass
  5. Concept of Ecosystem and Bio-geochemical Cycles
  6. Sustainable Development
  7. Environment Pollution [Air, Water, Soil (Land) Pollution]
  8. National Conservation Strategy
  9. Wild Life Conservation
  10. Energy Conservation
  11. Equitable Distribution of Resources

About The Author

 Dr. S.H. Purohit obtained his Ph.D. from Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology and LL.M. degree from Government Law College, Mumbai. He is also recipient of the Fellowship of International Congress of Chemistry and Environment and MBA.   

Dr. Purohit worked as a Professor, Research guide and Head of Chemistry Department with Jai Hind College.    Dr. Purohit is appointed as Principal of Mumbai College, Wadala, affiliated to Mumbai University.   

Dr. Purohit has visited number of universities in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Japan and has presented research papers.   

Prof. Jadhav and Dr. Purohit won the GOLD medal for `Best Presentation` at the National Conference on `Global Warming and Its Consequences` (2008) and GLORY OF INDIA and SHIKSHA RATAN GOLD medal (2012).

 Prof. H.V. Jadhav worked with Modern College, Vashi and as Principal in-charge at Veer Vajekar College, Phunde.    Prof. Jadhav is appointed as Principal (IC) of Barns College, New Panvel.   He has taught Environmental Sciences at the Mumbai University for the last 30 years.   

He is instrumental in establishing Environmental Laboratories as well as `common effluent treatment plant` in Maharashtra as an Approved Government Analyst.   

He has authored more than thirty books on various subjects.   

He is recipient of the Fellowship of International Congress of Chemistry and Environment.

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