Encyclopaedia of Disaster Management (Set of 3 Volume)

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

Now, Disaster Management, being a separate discipline, requires an exclusive manual for all those, active in related areas. Hence, this perfect study, in an academic and scholarly manner, for the benefit of scholars, researchers students, professionals, government functionaries, social activists, and general readers.

In modern world, managing disaster and controlling crises have become a problem. For a solution to this is required a different skill, with a special knack. Disaster Management is the management of the crisis in an in general or unusual situation, it requires commitment at each level with clearly defined authorities to discharge assigned roles, within identified structures. They perform designated functions, with the support of an appropriate budget and well prepared plans. These plans orient from operational acts, participatory skills and handling methods. The disasters can be in different ways, beginning from flood to cyclone, tornado to cloud burst lightning death to train accident, land slide to dam bursts to forest fires etc, A disaster is the impact of natural or man-made hazards that negatively affect society, community, nation and environment. Disasters occur when hazards strike in vulnerable areas. In fact, Disasters and emergencies are nothing but abnormal reflections of normal life.


Contents :

Volume - I
1. Introduction
2. Issues and Problems
3. Natural Disasters Bibliography

Volume - II
1. Natural Harzards
2. Man-made Disasters
3. Warning Systems
4. Disaster Preparedness
5. Disaster Supply
6. Disaster Recovery Bibliography

Volume - III
1. Risk Management
2. Controlling the Risk
3. Emergency Evacuation
4. Emergency Services
5. Devices and Tools
6. The Mitigation Bibliography

About The Author

Dr. M.H. Syed, prolific writer and scholar in his own right, is a specialist in educational subjects. An academic to the core, he is totally devoted to research and serious writing. Of late, he has been focusing on various matters, concerning education. He has several books to his credit. In addition to the present work, he is currently engaged in a project on "Education for All." 

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