Psycho-Social Aspects of Human Behaviour

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About The Book

Whether the students are advanced undergraduates or in postgraduate courses in behavioural science, management, social science, developmental psychology and general studies, an understanding of researches in the dynamics of human behaviour is an ideal venue for pursuing higher education and doctoral studies. The contents of this book in various sections will enrich the knowledge base of upcoming generation of young scholars in various universities and colleges in gaining as insight into recent studies. This book will be of immense vale to academic and managerial personnel in managing their teams with cohesive and positive attitudes for overall performance improvement.


Book Content of Psycho-Social Aspects of Human Behaviour
Part I : Stress Factors
1. Occupational Stress among employees of Call Centers and Multinational Companies
- Bind Ashwini & Lancy D`Souza
2. Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Stress among Indian and Iranian Students
- Ali Reza Ghaderi
3. Stress, Proactive Coping and Perceived Self-Efficacy of College Students
- K. Kumar & S. Khadiravan
Part II : Social And Relationship Factors
4. Mind-set Towards Professional Women Roles in View of Family-Social Setting: An United Arab Emirates Perspectives
- Fauzia Jabeen
5. Scientific Study of Spiritual Behaviour: Measurement and Methodological Issues
- P. H. Lodhi
6. The Relationship between Family Environment and Intelligence
- Vandana Singh, Natasha D'Cruz
7. Cross Cultural Product Symbolism Among Indian Expatriates in UAE
- Sai Geeta. K., Sudhakar Kota
Part III : Emotional Domains
8. Correlation between Test Anxiety and Daily Hassles
-Neerja R. Thergaonkar, A. J. Wadekar
9. Effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on Shyness among Adolescents in Iran
- Kazem Shariatina, Lancy D’Souza
10. Comparison of Shyness between Adolescents in India and Iran: A Developmental Perspective of Age and Gender
- Moslem Saberi, Lancy D’ Souza
Part IV : General And Organisational Dimensions
11. Life Orientation of Adolescents in Big Five Factors of Personality
- Ramjee Lal, Sheweta Singh
12. Type-A Behaviour and Personality Types of Hypertensive Patients
- Panch Ramalingam
13. Organisational Cases on Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Management in India
- H.L. Kaila, S. Ravishankar
14. Employees` Attitude Towards Human Resource Policies
- Jacob Cherian
15. Pervelence of DSM diagnostic-oriented Emotional and Behavioural Problems Among Male and Female Adolescent Students in South India
- Ghazal Davoudi, Venkatesh Kumar
16. Procrastination Behaviour: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
- Sreethi Nair
17. Antecedents of Organisational Commitment Across the Jobs
- Shanti Suman, A.K. Srivastava
18. Electronic Games and Their Impact on Social Maturity of Children
- Gunjarika Ranka, Madhu Jain

About The Author

Dr. S. Ravishankar is well-known HRD & Behavioral Training Specialist. He has two decades of experience in academic institutions and industry. He was Dy. General Manager - HRD at AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd., Professor of Organisational Behaviour at NITIE, and faculty member at the Institute of Public Enterprise. He has authored and edited many books & published papers in the areas of H.R.D., Organisational Behaviour and Management Training. He is a member of many professional bodies including I.S.T.D., I.S.T.E., and I.I.P.A. He has the experience of conducting a large number of management development programmes throughout the country. He is one of the leading human resource training specialists in the country.

Dr. H. L. Kaila working as Reader and Head of Guidance and Counselling Department, SNDT Women`s University, Mumbai. He worked at Central Labour Institute for 10 & 1/2 years in the Industrial Psychology Division, and since 6 years at Psychology Department of SNDT. He has worked with NGOs viz., NASEOH, KRIPA, BPA, TASH and DAV Centre of Creative Education. Dr. Kaila is M.A. Ph.D. (Social Sciences), Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, Diploma in Training and Development. He has published research articles consultancy reports, training booklets, and participated in WHO/UGC/ICSSR projects. His earlier books published are Stress: Understanding Female Phone Operators, Parents and Value Education (in three languages) and Reflections of the Woman Manager. His areas of interest are women and health, research methodology, counselling, adolescent`s issues, parent education, organisational behaviour. He has worked on a number of academic / professional / administrative assignments. Dr. Kail conducted and participated in national / international seminars and workshops. He is an Editor of `The School Today` Journal. He initiated a community experiment namely GAP (Groups of Adolescents and Parents) and Tele-counselling Network in Mumbai.

Dr. Jacob Cherian, is a Faculty in Management at COBA, Abu Dhabi University, UAE. He has worked in various positions such as Chairman of Marketing Department, CBA, Jeddah, KSA, Head of the Department of Commerce, Rizvi College, Mumbai, India. He has diversified experiences as R&D Manager, HRD Manager in various industries. He has also worked as HRD and Export Consultant. He has attained the Masters Degrees of M.Com, MSW, MBA, M.Phil, and also Ph.D. in Business Management. He has participated and presented research papers in various conferences. He has authored few books.

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