Tourism Management and Marketing (Set of 2 Vols.)

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Tourism is a flourishing sector nowadays. As the tourism industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades, its proper management and marketing assumed an important role. As for management, there are certain tasks, which have to be taken into account for a number of different reasons. Gathering, maintaining and compiling information about the tourists is of greatest important. Be it a domestic or international, inbound or out-bond tour, providing tourists` information, healthy interaction with them, chalking out plans to cut down expenses and providing the tourists with maximum facilities are some of the key concerns of the tourism management. Besides co-operating and establishing a network with international tourists and tourist organisations and providing frontier facilities such as passport, visa and emigration also form a part of tourism management. Accommodation or lodging is also a significant part of tourism management.

Although, there are lot of books on the subject, already in the market, yet, the undersigned felt it pressingly necessary to bring out such a comprehensive and all- encompassing book, which may incorporate in itself a range of aspects, under one cover. With this view this modest work, entitled, Tourism Management and Marketing is an asset for all scholars, researchers, students and of course general readers. 

Book Content of Tourism Management And Marketing(Set of 2 Volume)
1. Marketing the Tourism
2. Travel Market
3. International Marketing
4. Modern Ways of Marketing
5. United Marketing
6. World Organizations
7. Cultural Marketing
8. Growth of Tourism
9. Progress Plan
10. Trends in Tourism
11. Advertisement Channels
12. Geographical Aspects
1. Introduction
2. Management of Tourism
3. The Backdrop
4. Fundamental Ideas
5. Basic Factors
6. Fundamental Aspects
7. Tourism Administration
8. Effective Aspects
9. Organization of Tours
10. Movement of Tourists
11. Ticketing System
12. Ticketing Worldwide

About The Author

Manpal Singh, a scholar and researcher in his own right, is a post-graduate from Agra University. He has very remarkably diversified into several branches of management, including tourism. Operating in U.P., he is a highly placed full time researcher, engaged in studies and practical experiments on various management subjects. He is frequently invited to deliver lectures in prestigious institutions, from all over. Recently, he has devised a new formula for the preparation of travel accounts for the benefit of tourism operators. Now, he has committed to serious writing in various areas of specialisation. He has many outstanding books to his credit with a few to be published soon.

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