Restructuring of Management of Small Scale Industries in a Liberalised Era

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

In the prevailing economic environment of laissez-faire and global competition, all Indian enterprises have now to rely on their own resources to grow and prosper. The small-scale sector is the most vulnerable to these rapid changes. Having for long, benefited from the advantages of the protected environment, the small-scale industries have often failed to pay attention to the principles of good management. Today, however, profitable growth is no longer just a desirable goal for this sector but an imperative for survival. Small scale enterprises must build strong organisation in this changed environment.

Against this background, the present research volume analyses the Restructuring Strategy adopted by the Small Scale Units to survive, sustain, grow and prosper.

Book Content of Restructuring of Management of Small Scale Industries in a Liberalised Era


  1. Introduction 
    Brief History, Concepts of Small Scale Industry, Management and Restructuring
  2. Research Methodology of the Study
  3. Small Scale Industries
  4. Small Scale Industries in a Liberalised Era 
    The Impact of Privatization, Liberalisation and Globalisation
  5. Restructuring of Management of Small Scale Industries 
    Field Survey − Analysis, Interpretation and Findings
  6. Conclusions and Recommendations 


About The Author

Dr. K.Y. Shinde is presently the Principal of Bharat Education Society`s, S.G.M. College, Girgaon, Mumbai-400004. Earlier, he was the Vice-Principal and Head, Department of Business Management, Siddharth College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai-400001. He was the Chairman of Board of Studies in Business Management, University of Mumbai and also the member of academic council, faculty of commerce, RRC and University Library Committee. He has been associated with academics since last 30 years and is a recognized post graduate teacher since 1996.

He is actively associated with research and has completed a Major Research Project (MRP) funded by the UGC. He is a recognized Ph.D. guide of University of Mumbai and presently guiding 9 research scholars of which 5 candidates have completed Ph. D Research work and 4 are in progress. He is also a recognized guide of YCMOU.

He has presented a number of research papers in national and international conferences and seminars. Some of his articles have been published in research journals and periodicals.

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