F1 - a computer user`s guide to better health

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Computers have come here to stay. They are, no doubt, changing our lifestyle. This book is intended to make computer-users aware of the impending threats to human body due to prolonged computing and sedentary life-style. The author does not wish to frighten the 'computer users' but to make them realize that they can easily come over this professional hazard by resorting to proper care while sitting for hours before their computers and still lead healthy and comfortable life.

Book Content of F1 - a computer user`s guide to better health
1. Introduction
2. How to Use Your Computer?
3. Ecosystem and the Workplace
4. Diseases Caused Directly Due to the Overuse of Computers
5. Diseases Caused Indirectly Due to the Sedentary Lifestyle
6. Psychosomatic Diseases and Relaxation Techniques
7. Suryanamaskar - The Sun Salutation
8. Homoeopathy - A Holistic Medical Approach
9. Feedback Questionnaire
- References
- Index
- Disclaimer & Copyright

About The Author

Dr. Mandar Joshi is a practicing Homoeopathic physician with a BHMS degree. He has written articles related to health in daily Marathi newspapers like ‘Maharashtra Times and Loksatta’.     

He is presently writing a column in another daily newspaper ‘Lokamat’ named ‘AUSHADHI’ which informs about “Drug substances from various sources”.   

He has written a book on this subject in Marathi language in 2001 named “Sanganak Yugatil Arogya”.   

Dr. Joshi has his own website by the name of www.healthholistic.com since 31st Dec 2000.   He has recently developed a software on the same subject of ergonomics which is available on his website http://www.healthholistic.com/software/index.html namely Health-F1.   

Health-F1 is an exercise and break reminder program designed primarily for professional who spend a lot of time on computers or have otherwise very sedentary occupations. Health-F1 is used to schedule reminders for doing regular exercises and stretches during the course of the day, to relieve stress and strain on the body and mind and ultimately to keep you fit and healthy. Each exercise is explained with steps and illustrated with graphics, in this book “F1 A Computer Users Guide to Better Health”.

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