Children`s Rights The United Nations Perspective

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Year of Publication : 2005

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About The Book

This is the transformation of my doctoral thesis entitled `International Protection for the Rights of the Child: An Appraisal of the United Nations Role` into a book.

The book serve as comprehensive text, envisaging all the aspects of the aspects of the promotion and protection of the Rights of the Child in the international mileu. The book assumes significance due to the analysis of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). Thus the book shall have universal significance at all times for the Children all over the world, as also for the advocates of Human Rights. Further the author intends this sacred text to serve as a basic guiding light to all those concerned with humanitarian Law.

Book Content of Children`s Rights The United Nations Perspective


Chapter-I Introduction

Chapter-II The Emergence of International
Concern For the Rights of Child

Chapter-III The United Nations Convention
On The Rights of The Child : Basic
Provisions and Its Implementation

Chapter-IV The Role of United Nations
In The Protection of The Rights
Of The Child

Chapter-V Conclusion



About The Author

Dr. Amruta K. Deshmukh is a Mumbai based academician and researcher. She has a bright academic record to her credit. She is basically a Political Scientist with a post-graduate degree in International Relations. She also has a post-graduate degree in education Further she has proceeded to complete her doctor studies in International Law and Human Rights.

Currently Dr. Deshmukh is a lecturer in Political Science in Chetana College, Mumbai. She is also engaged in the teaching of a Human Rights course at the post-graduate level in the University of Mumbai. She is closely associated with student activities, higher education and advanced studies.

She has undertaken post-graduate research projects and also presented research papers. Her major research work is directly focused on the promotion and protection of Human Rights by the United Nations. She has conducted intensive and extensive research on the United Nations documents and matters related thereof.

On the basis of her meritorious research work, she is the recipient of a special grant from the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR), New Delhi, India, for the publications of this book, which is a transformation of her doctoral dissertation.

She is a deeply concerned about humanitarian law and actively engaged in the Advocacy of Child Rights.

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