Information Technology for Business

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 312

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About The Book

This book is specifically designed for the students of MBA, Bangalore University. The book attempts to cover the entire syllabus of the paper `Information Technology for Business`. The present text exhaustively deals with the concepts and applications of IT in the area of business management. The book covers both the functional and cross-functional areas of modern IT based management such as Accounting and Finance Systems, Marketing and Sales Systems, Production and Operation Management Systems, Human Resource Management Systems, E-Business, E-commerce, MIS, DSS, GDSS, E-CRM, SCM, ERP, BPR, KMS and many more. It also throws light on the basic concepts related to the functioning of computers, hardware, software, programming, System Analysis and Design, Data Base Management, Internet, EDI, etc. In nutshell, `Information Technology for Business` is useful both for the students of computer science and business management. The book follows `user-friendly` and `simple-to-understand` approach throughout the text.

In the recent past, the knowledge areas of business management have undergone substantial changes due to the confluence of Information Technology with the business systems and strategies. Today, sound technology base is a pre-requisite for every business entity. The present book provides the basic understanding in this regard.


Book Content of Information Technology for Business
1. Understanding Computers
2. Computer Software
3. Information Systems and Strategic Implications
4. Functional Information Systems
5. Cross-Functional Systems
6. Electronic Business and E-Commerce
7. Internet and World Wide Web
8. Web Based Tools For Electronic Commerce
9. Database Management System
10. System Analysis And Design
11. Decision Support Systems
12. Ethical and Security Issues

About The Author

Dr. Dhiraj Sharma holds three masters in the area of Finance, Commerce and Business Administration respectively. He is a doctorate in the area of Banking and many researchers are doing their M.Phil. and Ph.D. under his guidance. He has twelve books and dozens of published research papers to his credit. Many of his books are serving as text and reference books for many post-graduate courses. He has independently developed many course books for several institutions notably among them are: Punjab University, Chandigarh; All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi; Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), Navi Mumbai; Bangalore University, Bangalore; Zentex Solutions, New Delhi etc. Many of his papers and articles have been published and acclaimed in the reputed national research journals and also on US web portals. He has also worked as Managing Editor for a refereed national research journal for over a period of five years. He is actively involved in writing, teaching and research for the last fifteen years.

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