Organisation Climate And Managerial Effectiveness

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

"An Organisation fails only when manager fails."

The attribute of managerial success is strongly linked with effectiveness of managers. Organization climate is the lifeline and key of managerial effectiveness. Being a relatively uncommonly taken up subject there are very few books to be found, which not only provide all the subjective knowledge on the topic but also add insight and depth to the subject. However, Arun Sacher`s wide experience of management development and organization effectiveness fulfills those requirements and make this book a must read for all those keen to achieve effectiveness.

Book Content of Organisation Climate And Managerial Effectiveness
Chapter-I : Introduction
Chapter-II : Objectives
Chapter-III : Conceptual Framework and Research Methodology
Chapter-IV : Profile of Pharmaceutical Industry
Chapter-V : Result and Discussions
Chapter-VI : Conclussions and Recommendations

About The Author

Dr. Arun Sacher -

Professor, (Strategic HR and OB)

Amity International Business School,

Amity University, NOIDA.

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