Organisational Behaviour

ISBN Number : 978-81-8488-823-2

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2010

No. Of Pages : 355

About The Book

Intensified competition among domestic private and public sector companies and multinational companies consequent upon globalisation along with strides in information technology brought significant shifts in various behavioural concepts, issues and applications.

This Book is wrritten as per the syllabus of MBA SEM-II of J.N.T.U KAKINADA.

Book Content of Organisational Behaviour


  1. Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
  2. Perceptual Management and Learning
  3. Personality
  4. Decision-Making
  5. Motivation
  6. Foundations of Group Behaviour
  7. Group Conflicts and Negotiations
  8. Communication
  9. Power and Politics
  10. Leadership
  11. Organisation Structure
  12. Organisational Culture and Effectiveness
  13. Organisational Change and Development
  14. Stress Management
  15. Methods of Case Analysis


About The Author

Prof. Pulapa Subba Rao has acquired his Ph.D. degree in Management area from Andhra University and has been teaching various courses in the areas of Business Management since 1976. He is a teacher, researcher, trainer, consultant, academic administrator and author in the areas of business and management, with a blend of national and international systems and cultures. He is currently working as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) of the University of Papua New Guinea. He was the Founding Professor of Business Administration, the Convener, Executive MBA Program Head, Human Resource Management Division of the School of Business Administration and the Director-Academic Audit, University of Papua New Guinea. He worked earlier in Sir CRR College, Sri SathyaSai University, University of Asmara, and SK Institute of Management, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, India.

He was the recipient of `National Merit Scholarship` from Government of India, the `Meritorious Teacher` award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and the President of the India Association of PNG Inc. He is a member of the Advisory Board, Internal Revenue Commission and Technical Advisor, Papua New Guinea Vision: 2010-2050, Government of Papua New Guinea.

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