Problems in Chemistry

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Book Edition : Eightth

Year of Publication : 2004

About The Book

This book is an attempt made by the author to cover adequately the calculations of physical and analytical chemistry for the T.Y.B.Sc. In general, students give very little attention to problem solving and cringe at the very word "Problem". The author has seen many students more time and effort in avoiding to solve problems than in learning to time and effort in avoiding to solve problems than in learning to tackle them. Needless to say, the ability and the technique necessary to solve problems can only come with earnest practise. This book is written with the hope that it will help students towards such an end.

More than 500 problems, solved and for solving, have been given and this should allow the students to learn the technique to tackle problems. If a students is able to identify what is given and what is to be found out in a given case and write down the equation connecting the known and the unknown, then a major part of the "problem" is solved. What remains is substitution of the data in the required equation and numerical calculations.


About The Author

K. B. Baliga -

Ex-Head, Department of Chemistry,

Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai.

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