Business Ethics - Text & Cases

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Year of Publication : 2023

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About The Book

Business Ethics is a specialised study of moral right and wrong. It is a study of moral standards and how these apply to the systems and organisations through which modern societies produce, distribute goods and services, and to the people who work within these organisations. Its is a form of applied ethics, including not only the analysis of moral norms and moral values., but also attempts to apply the conclusions of this analysis in the assortment of institutions, technologies, activities, transactions and pursuits termed as business. The fast development in the field of business ethics can be attributed to many individuals like philosophers and business scholars - who have guided us in showing the relationship of the ethical theory to the various problems of ethics that are found in business. We have a good array of eminent Indian Scholars on this subject.

I hope this book will be useful to the university students to understand the basic principles of ethics. Many of the importance and fundamental topics have been covered in this book. I am very happy to see that many of the Indian Universities have now introduces `Business Ethics` as a subject for the Masters degree like M.Com., MBA for which I hope this book would provide fundamental concepts to enable them to understand the subject.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Business Ethics
2. Values, Norms Beliefs and Standards
3. Normative Ethics in Management
4. Ethics Mentioned by Some Great People
5. Managing Ethics
6. Intellectual Property Rights, Designs, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
7. Ethics and the Organisations
8. Broader Ethical Issues in Society − Corruption and Bribery
9. Ethical Aspects in Marketing
10. Ethics in HRM
11. Ethics in Production and Operation Management
12. Ethics in Finance
13. Ethics in Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility
14. Broader Ethical Issues in Society − Ecological Concerns
15. Discrimination on the Basic of Gender, Caste, or Race
16. Ethical Decision-making
17. Global Business
18. Ethics and Information Technology
19. Indianism and Indian Management
20. Ethical Dilemma
21. Euthanasia and Abortion
22. Miscellaneous Topics
23. Student`s Presentation of Projects
24. Case Studies

About The Author

Mr. C.S.V. Murthy. B.Sc., B.E.., MIE has served HMT Ltd., a public sector undertaking for more than 3 decades. During the tenure of his working at HTM, he had worked in multidiscipline like production planning, sales engineering, marketing, HMT International projects, project engineering and project consultancy in various capacities. He has travelled widely abroad on international project assignment in most parts of Europe, South East Asian countries and Middle East. Since 1993, C.S.V. Murthy started his own consultancy in the name of `Electrocons`, and has done various project assignments in the Industrial Engineering Field. At present, in addition to consultancy he has taken up the teaching profession formthe past 6 years at various reputed management colleges in Bangalore like KPHR. Surana, AMC, T-John Institute, Alliance Business Academy, NIFT etc. He is also involved in writing books on Software Engineering,

Enterprise Management Information Systems. Production Management, Enterprneurship Development and Small Scale Industries etc. Some of his books like Information Technology, Information Systems Theory, Database Management Design and Data Communication and Networking have been recommended for Osmania University. 

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