Problems In Physical Chemistry

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2005

No. Of Pages : 257

About The Book

Physical Chemistry has an important role in making Chemistry an exact science. It can be said exaggeration that Physical Chemistry is best understood when the technique to solve problems is understood. This book is an attempt made by the author towards that end. In general, students give little attention to solving problems. The author has seen many students spending more time and effort in trying to avoid solving problems than in learning to solve them. Needless to say, the ability to solve problems comes with earnest practise.

Book Content of Problems In Physical Chemistry
  1. Gaseous State
  2. Liquid State
  3. Solid State
  4. First Law of Thermodynamics
  5. Thermochemistry
  6. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. Dilute Solutions - Colligative Properties
  9. Ionic Equilibria
  10. Electrical Conductance of Solutions
  11. Electromotive Force-Galvanic Cells
  12. Chemical kinetics
  13. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
  14. Spectroscopy
  15. Atomic Structure
  16. Photochemistry

About The Author

K. B. Baliga -

Ex-Head, Department of Chemistry,

Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai.

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