Fundamentals of Computers

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2009

No. Of Pages : 321

About The Book

The computer is fast becoming an essential part of human life and its influence is rising very rapidly. Its versatility has contributed to its wide spread use in almost all walks of human activity. The spread of computer education and the availability of hardware and software at affordable prices have contributed to its becoming popular even in the so-called `third world countries`.
The computer has already made substantial inroads into business firms, large and small, and is gradually catching up with homes including middle class ones. It will be impossible to live without the computer after a few years if the current trends continue to happen. This book is written keeping in mind the uninitiated and the requirement of graduate students who have to learn computer basics. The book gives an overview of computer, its historical development and commercial applications.
The book is organised into fifteen chapters. The first five chapters discuss computer basics like organisation of computer, data representation, computer software and operating systems. The sixth chapter presents concepts of database. The seventh chapter is on areas of computer applications. The eight, ninth and tenth chapters introduce popular applications of MS Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Chapter eleven presents an overview of program development. The twelfth chapter is on programming languages and the thirteenth, on programming in BASIC. The last two chapters deal with networking and the Intemet.
The book contains the essentials of computer applications, theory and practice. It will be useful for students of any graduate programme in Commerce and Management.
I hope this book will be well received by the teachers and students of the subject. I would welcome suggestions from the students and teachers for improving the work.

Book Content of Fundamentals of Computers
  1. Organzation of Computer
  2. Computer menory
  3. History of Computer
  4. Computer Software
  5. Microsoft Windows
  6. Program Development
  7. Word Processing
  8. MS Excel
  9. Database
  10. MS Access
  11. Multimedia
  12. MS Powerpoint
  13. Programming Languages
  14. Networking
  15. The Internet

About The Author

Dr. P. Mohan is a reader in the Department of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Calicut. The author has more than sixteen years of teaching experience and has taught graduate and post-graduate courses. He has been teaching courses on Information Systems, and Computer Applications for M.Com. and MBA students for the past eleven years.

Dr. Mohan holds a Masters in Commerce, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Marketing Management from the University of Calicut, and a Diploma in Information and Systems Management from the Aptech. He has also done FDP at IIM, Ahmadabad.

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