Business Analysis

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

"New technologies are evolving everyday. Each one of them is having an impact on business around the world. Along with changes in technology, another more subtle shift is happening worldwide which is even not visible. The shift is in the way businesses work."

The Business Analyst is a unique stakeholder serving as a facilitator, bridging the communication gap that can naturally develop between the non-technical System owners and users and the technical System designers and builders. The Business Analyst bridges that gap. Their role overlaps the roles of all the other stakeholders. For the System owners and Users, Business Analyst identify and validate business problems and needs. For the System designers and builders, Business Analysts ensure that the technical solution fulfils the business needs and integrate the technical solution into the business. In other words, Business Analyst facilitate the development of Business Systems through interaction with other stakeholders.

This book reveals the core aspects of the Business Analysis profession. It details the knowledge areas required of a Business Analyst`s role in the organizations. It integrates knowledge from several conventional and contemporary areas and uses their tools, techniques, paradigms and methodologies to specific roles which a Business Analyst will have to play in companies.

The book provides an appreciation of how Business Analysis can be used effectively to ensure success in managing BUSINESS in terms of customer needs, requirements and expectations. Excellent text with relevant illustrations, pictorial depictions and a number of case studies have been used to demonstrate the application of conceptual frameworks to real life business problems.

Business Analysis gives management business intelligence, and allows them to study business performance, explain shortfalls in performance and devise strategies for improvement.

There are ample environmental opportunities available on the business front. We need to perceive these opportunities, act accordingly and cash-in on the same.


Contents :

1. Business Analysis for Business Design
2. Enterprise Analysis
3. Requirements Planning and Management
4. Requirements Elicitation
5. Requirements Analysis and Documentation
6. Requirements Communication
7. Solution Assessment and Validation
8. Software Development Techniques
9. Software Project Management

About The Author

Amit Johri had a brilliant academic career with qualifications in Business Administration, Commerce including Business Administration, Computer Management, Law and Educational Management.

He is a Senior Life Member of the CSI, Member of the IEEE, USA, Life Member of the IIPA, and Member of BMA.

As a Business Administration/Systems professional by Education, he ventured into Computer System and Software Education, Training and Consulting in 1985, as a career, starting his company CSC Knowledge Systems, being pioneers in the field of Computer Education and Training.

He has authored several books on Computing / Systems / Information Technology / Management / Business Administration.

He is a Professor, Mentor, Project Guide, Examiner for Diploma/Under Graduate/Graduate/Post Graduate programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Applications, IT, Bio Informatics, Management, Business Administration.

His technology practicing, research, and consulting profile includes Distributed Ledger Technology with Ethereum, Blockchain, xOps Practices – DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps, Metaverse, Cloud Computing, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business and Big Data Analytics, Application Development, RDBMSs, Software Engineering, Core Programming Languages.

He is a Panelist, Chair, Speaker, Editorial Member, and Tutorial Presenter at various forums. He is an Academician and Industry Expert with over three decades of experience, 50+ book publications and a large number of students and working executives mentored by him.

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