Open Economic Development

ISBN Number : 81-7493-789-7

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2000

No. Of Pages : 360

About The Book

Reforms in a number of sectors have been introduced in the Indian economy which is also becoming increasingly inter-linked with the international economy. "Open Economic Development" pools together a number of papers from distinguished experts and policy formulators dealing with contemporary issues in development, reforms, international economics and related theoretical aspects.

Book Content of Open Economic Development



  1. Optimal Mix of State and Market: Some Issues
  2. Economists and Public Policy
  3. Benevolent Reforms - Waiting for Wage Goods
  4. Agricultural Trade and Policies
  5. Infrastructure, Public Goods and Markets
  6. Decentralized Planning and Financing of Rural Development - A Case Study
  7. A Development Profile - A Case Study
  8. Human Development Index - A Guide to Welfare Policy
  9. An Integrated Policy for Viable Rural Employment


  1. Rationale of Reforms in the Financial Sector
  2. Towards a More Vibrant Banking System
  3. Reforming the Financial Sector
  4. Monetary Policy in India: Objectives, Instruments and Dilemmas
  5. Analytical Issues in Monetary Policy in Transition
  6. Financial Sector Reforms : Implications for Central Banking


  1. The Triple Revolution in International Economics
  2. European Economic and Monetary Integration
  3. Capital Account Liberalization and Control: Lessons from the East Asian Crisis
  4. 20th Century Developments in the International Economy
  5. The Pure Theory of International Trade, Globalization, Growth and Sustainable Development
  6. India`s External Sector - Agenda for Reforms


  1. Major Developments in Economics in the Post-Second War Period
  2. Jagdish Bhagwati`s Contribution to International Economics: An Overview
  3. Amartya Sen and the Transformation of the Agenda of Welfare Economics
  4. The Theory Behind the Wage-Goods Model
  5. Robert Mundell`s Contributions to International Economics
  6. Planning for a Wage-Goods Economy: Some Reflections on its Optimization Framework

About The Author

Dr. D.T Nanje Gowda, Formerly Chairman of the Post Graduate Department of Economics, Banglore University is presently Professor and Director, Center for rural Development Studies in the same University and also Dean  of the faculty of Arts of the University. He has specialized in fiscal Economics and Devlopment economics.

He has published a number of research papers and is the author a monograph on the "Public Expenditure Under Planning ". He has also jointly edited a book on Economic Development of Karnataka. He was the local secretary and the chief organiser of the 1998 Amrit Jubliee Economic Conference At Bangalore.

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