Structured Systems Analysis & Software Engineering

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Year of Publication : 2002

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About The Book

To quote the words of Dr.A.K.Aggarwal, Professor & Head Department of Computer Science, Gujarat University, in his foreword to this book "Structured Systems Analysis, Design & Software Engineering is the methodical approach to the field of Software Development."
This book`s conceptual, in-depth and highly practical coverage on the design philosophies and on the theoretical under-plannings of the software Development field would prove to be a real companion for both students and practitioners of Information Engineering.
With the contents including Information Systems Introduction, Systems Development Life Cycle, Tools of Systems Analysis, DFD, E-R diagrams, File Design, Database Design, Code Design, Security and Controls, Project Management using PERT, Structured Programming Techniques, Data Structures, Data Processing Techniques, Software Engineering, Software Quality & Productivity, Software Engineering & Re-Engineering using CASE toos illustrated by relevant figures, Case studies, followed by ample exercises, questions & answers would to use this book as a SINGLE SOURCE on the subject.

Book Content of Structured Systems Analysis & Software Engineering
  1. An Introduction to Information Systems
  2. Systems Development Life Cycle Model(1) problem Identification Stage
  3. Systems Development Life Cycle Model(2) Feasibility and Detailed Studies
  4. Systems Development Life Cycle Model(3) A Case Study Example of the Feasibility Studies
  5.  Systems Development Life Cycle Model(4) System Design, Implementation, Maintenance & Review Stages
  6. Structured Systems Life Cyclw Model
  7. Tools of Systems Analysis(1) Program and Systems Flowcharts
  8. Tools of Systems Analysis(1) Design Tables, Decision Trees & Structured English
  9. Data Flow Diagrams(1)
  10. Data Flow Diagrams(2)
  11. Entity-Relationship Diagrams
  12. File Design
  13. Database Design(1)
  14. Database Design(2)
  15. Database Design(3)
  16. Code Design
  17. Security & Controls
  18. Project Management using PERT Chart
  19. Structured Programming Techniques
  20. Data Structures
  21. Data Processing Techniques
  22. Case Study-Journal Acquisition System
  23. Questions and Answers(1)-Descripti

About The Author

Amit Johri had a brilliant academic career with qualifications in Business Administration, Commerce including Business Administration, Computer Management, Law and Educational Management.

He is a Senior Life Member of the CSI, Member of the IEEE, USA, Life Member of the IIPA, and Member of BMA.

As a Business Administration/Systems professional by Education, he ventured into Computer System and Software Education, Training and Consulting in 1985, as a career, starting his company CSC Knowledge Systems, being pioneers in the field of Computer Education and Training.

He has authored several books on Computing / Systems / Information Technology / Management / Business Administration.

He is a Professor, Mentor, Project Guide, Examiner for Diploma/Under Graduate/Graduate/Post Graduate programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Applications, IT, Bio Informatics, Management, Business Administration.

His technology practicing, research, and consulting profile includes Distributed Ledger Technology with Ethereum, Blockchain, xOps Practices – DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps, Metaverse, Cloud Computing, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business and Big Data Analytics, Application Development, RDBMSs, Software Engineering, Core Programming Languages.

He is a Panelist, Chair, Speaker, Editorial Member, and Tutorial Presenter at various forums. He is an Academician and Industry Expert with over three decades of experience, 50+ book publications and a large number of students and working executives mentored by him.

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