On The Spade Nose Shark Scoliodon Laticaudus

ISBN Number : 81-7866-085-7

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2001

No. Of Pages : 134

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About The Book

I am very much pleased for publication of the monograph on spadenose shark Scoliodon Laticaudus. It has fulfilled my long standing dream to contribute something to the field of Zoology, as a token of gratitude which I owe to my profession. I hope it will prove of assistance to students, teachers and also to researchers in the field of fisheries. The study was undertaken because of almost absence of additional and/or recent information on an Indian shark since pioneer work by Thillayampalam (1929). It took about eight years of hard but certainly enjoyable work during last decade of my career as a teacher of Zoology.


Contents -

1. Taxonomy and External Morphology
2. The Endoskeleton
3. The Muscular System and Locomotion
4. The Coclom and the Digestive System
5. The Respiratory System
6. The Circulatory System
7. The Excretory System
8. The Make Urinogenital System
9. The Female Reproductive System and Development
10. The Nervous System and the Sense Organs
11. The Endocrine System
- Plates
- References

About The Author

Dr. Ramchandra Vitthal Ranade -

M.Sc.(Zoology);L.L.B., Ph.D.

Former Head, Department of Zoology,

Abasaheb Garware College,

Pune 411 004.

Several Popular Science articles on Zoological sciencewritten in Marathi and English and published in Newspapers,Science Reporter, Science Today.Research articles published in Journal of Mumbai Natural History Society and Current Science.

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