Reflections on and from Periodic Table

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2000

No. Of Pages : 52

About The Book

The periodic table of the elements is widely distributed and used source of information in chemistry. Keeping in view its importance, the author has made a successful attempt to throw light on its historical development and its use in learning of chemistry discipline. The book will serve as a good text, source and reference material for the readers.

Book Content of Reflections on and from Periodic Table
  1. Early Classification of Elements
  2. Mendeleef`s Periodic Table
  3. Modern Periodic Table
  4. Recent Trends in Periodic Table
  5. Variation of Properties with Position in Periodic Table
  6. Periodic Variations in Physical Properties
  7. Periodic Variations in Chemical Properties

About The Author

Dr. R.S. Sindhu -

Dr. R.S. Sindhu has had throughout first class career. He received his Ph.D.Degree from Delhi University. He has published 80 research papers and 25 popular articles in international journals. So far he has authored 7 books. He has successfully completed two research projects and has been guiding Ph.D. students for the last ten years.

He has long experience of teaching at college level and presently he is working as Reader in Chemistry in Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal.

His biographical sketch has been published in 16th edition of MARQUIS Who`s Who in the World. He has been offered the membership of The New York Academy of Sciences. He has been conferred with an honorary appointment to the Research Board of Advisors of American Biographical Institute.

Currently, he is engaged in doing research work in the areas of Coordination Chemistry and Science Education.

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