Communicative Approach To The Teaching of English as a Second Language

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Year of Publication : 2002

No. Of Pages : 190

About The Book

The book deals with the Communicative Approach of Language Teaching,which is practised all over India. The book will give insight to the teachers of English as a second language. This will help them in preparing the classroom activities following the motto of `learning by doing.`

All the aspects of language teaching are covered in the book. Special emphasis is given to the teaching of the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing with vocabulary and grammar integrated with the skills. Appendices deal with the problem solving activities set in the Indian context easily identifiable by our learners.


Book Content of Communicative Approach To The Teaching of English as a Second Language
1. Analysis of Language
2. Status and Role of English in India
3. Theories of Language Learning
4. Language Acquisition and Language Learning
5. Error Analysis and Remedial Teaching
6. Methods and Approaches of Language Teaching
7. Syllabus an Curriculum
8. Use of Audio-Visual Aids in Language Teachin
9. Class Management
10. Teaching Listening Skills
11. Teaching Speaking Skills
12. Teaching Reading Skills
13. Teaching Writing Skills
14. Study Skills
15. Teaching Vocabulary
16. Teaching Literature
17. Teaching Grammar
18. Lesson Planning
19. Language Testing and Evaluation

About The Author

Dr. Pratima Dave Shastri did MSW, and then didM.A. and Ph.D. in English literature from VikramUniversity, Ujjain, M.P. She did PGCTE and PGDTE fromCentral Institute of English and Foreign Language, Hyderabad. She has been teachin English for past ten years to the undergraduate and post-graduate students. She is working in the Department of Language Teaching, Central of Education, SNDT University, Mumbai.

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