An Introduction to Environmental Management

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

Increasing Population, associated improvement in quality of life and constantly changing life styles result in over exploitation of Earth`s finite material and non-renewable energy resources. Release of excessive wastes through industrial and domestic activities lead to creation of dangerous pollution levels in the environment and create a stress on the carrying capacity of various regions. It has therefore become essential to strike a balance between the economic growth and Environmental quality through public policy, Management and understanding of various complex and interrelated concepts and issues.
A generalized compilation of such management issues along with the basic concepts of environment, ecology, ecosystems and biosphere, natural resource and their management are included in the book. Initial section of the book deal with a generalized compilation of basic concept of environment, ecology, ecosystems, biosphere and natural resources management. This is followed of specific pollutants and their information, specific objectives and components of environmental Management have been further discussion. The concept of sustainable development and information on India's environmental policies and Environmental Management studies of various universities in India and other developing countries will find the interdisciplinary approach, presented in this book, more useful for further research planning and developmental activities in the field of environmental management.


Book Content of An Introduction to Environmental Management
1. Environment, Ecology and Biosphere
2. Natural Resources, Limitations and Conservation
3. Elements of Environmental Resources Management

4. Principles of Environmental Pollution
5. Pollution of Atmosphere
6. Pollution of Earth Surface Water and Land pollution
7. Environmental Management
8. Sustainable Development
9. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
10. Risk Assessment and Applications in Environmental Management
11. Environmental Audit - A support tool for Enviro

About The Author

Dr. Anand S. Bal a postgraduate in Chemical Engineering was awarded Ph. D in the faculty of Engineering and Technology by the Nagpur University. R and D were then carried out in W. Germany for the postdoctoral study on the subject of Membrane Science and Technology. The author was working as Director Grade Scientist at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) till 1995 and then served as General Manager, NETEL Chromatographs Environment Management Division, Pune, Maharashtra. He was then appointed as a founder Director of the Gujarat Environmental Management Institute (GEM) at Baroda, Gujarat. The author has over 33 years R and D experience in the field of Environmental Engineering and Management.

The author has made significant contributions in Societal Missions of Govt. of India e.g. Water Mission (WM) Ganga Action Plan (GAP) and various other significant environmental management projects. Development of low cost water and wastewater treatment systems and bioreactors and their implementation in the field has been the constant endeavor of the author. The research outcome has been of direct use to the community and industry. The author is a recipient outcome has been of direct use to the community and industry. The author is a recipient of national awards like the NRDC, best invention award, AIIE award and various fellowships. The author has 17 patents to his credit and has published over 95 papers in national and international journals and conference.

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