Business Organisation (MP Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-81-8488-376-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2009

No. Of Pages : 256

About The Book

It gives us immense pleasure to put forth a book entitled as "Business Organisation", strictly compiled as per the Revised Syllabus in the Subject of "Business Organisation" for the University of Madhya Pradesh. This book has been designed considering the requirements of students studying the subject at the undergraduate level. All the topics have been explained in simple and lucid language without diluting the concept and ample of examples have been cited wherever necessary.


Book Content of Business Organisation
1. Business Organisation − Nature, Scope & Significance
2. Business Objectives − Nature, Significance & Classification
3. Social Responsibilities of Business
4. Promotion of Business
5. Forms of Business Organisation
6. Sole Trading Concern
8. Partnership Firm − II
9. Joint Stock Company
10. Co-operative Organisation
11. Public Enterprises
12. Business Size, Location & Plant Layout
13. Business Combination

About The Author

Dr. Khushpat S. Jain -

Associate Professor,

Ph.D. (Banking), MBA (Human Resource Management),

M.Com. (Banking and Finance), M.A. (Economic and Political Science), NET, SET.

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