Encyclopaedia of Tourism Vol. I To Vol. VI

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

Recently, there has been an upmarket trend in tourism, over the last few decades, especially in Europe and North America, where international travel for short breaks is common. Tourists, there, have higher levels of disposable income and greater leisure time, and they are also better-educated and have more sophisticated tastes. Now, there is a demand for better quality products, which has resulted in a fragmentation of the mass market for beach vacations; people want more specialized versions, such as club 18-30, quieter resorts, family-oriented hotels, as well off people are likely to take more than one short break holiday, each year. Tourism can be quite beneficial, especially economically, for the host country, there are many strings attached. Tourism inevitably brings, with its environmental and cultural degradations.
Present comprehensive and exhaustive work would prove to be an asset for all concerned.


Book Content of Encyclopaedia of Tourism Vol. I To Vol. VI
  1. Fundamental Aspects
  2. Basic Factors
  3. Salient Features
  4. The Development
  5. Fundamental Features
  6. Practical Effects
  7. Social Orientation
  8. New Trends
  9. Various Organisations
  10. Law and its Importance
  11. Tourism in India


About The Author

M.M. Khan, an AMU product; is an academic and scholar in his own right. His full name is Muhammad Moinuddin Khan and he has earned his MA. and L.L.B. (Hons.) degrees from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Completing his studies, he devoted himself to research and serious writing, engaged in working on various subjects. Recently, he has turned to Environmental Studies and rediscovered several new dimensions. Based in Aligarh, as a full time researcher, he is currently busy with his project: Historical Reasons of Environmental Pollution. This is his first book on the subject.


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