Marketing Management

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2022

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About The Book

Learning theories and concepts without knowing their practice or application is of little use. It is one thing obtaining an MBA degree, but quite another to connect what you learned about a theory or concept into practice in a real life situation. Theories and concepts should work, and as a student, you should know how they work.

This book, Marketing Management, addresses these issues fully. Each chapter opens with a Preview Case which will provide you some fundamental ideas about the practical side of the concepts discussed therein. In addition to this, many examples picked out from the current Indian marketing scenario are included in the text. The book is profusely illustrated with samples of product offers, and advertisements relevant to each topic. These will help you to understand the practical side as you learn the theory.

Marketing Management is a core subject for the MBA course of all universities and has to be studied by you in a short span of a semester consisting of about four months. This makes it extremely difficult for you to study different voluminous books (mostly foreign with American examples) and prepare notes according to the university syllabus. What you need is a handy, simple textbook that covers all the topics and the full syllabus prescribed by the university, includes all the concepts, and provides suitable examples from the Indian market context.

Written in a capsule form, this book will meet the above-mentioned requirements of the MBA students. It is logically sequenced in tune with the syllabus contents of the MBA courses of select universities in India.

Ten case studies on successful marketing practices of products and services in the Indian market are included for the benefit of students.

Written in simple, lucid style, without diluting the conceptual qualities of the subject, this book will be handy and useful as a textbook for both the students and the faculty of marketing in business schools. This book can also serve as a reference manual for the professionals in the field of marketing as well as in other functional areas.

This thoroughly revised and enlarged edition of Marketing Management caters to all these needs by including most of the newly evolved and modern trends and practices in the field of marketing. Some of the latest trends and modern concepts and practices included here are:

• Marketing 3.0
• Blue Ocean Strategy
• Neuromarketing
• Social Marketing
• Cause-Related Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Green Marketing
Ten latest cases from Indian context have also been included in this book.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Marketing
2. Understanding the Marketing Environment
3. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
4. Buyer Behaviour (Consumer Behaviour)
5. Marketing Research
6. Demand Measurement and Sales Forecasting
7. Product Decisions
8. The New Product Development Process
9. The Concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC)
10. Services Marketing
11. Pricing Decision and Strategies
12. Distribution Decisions
13. Marketing Communication
14. Personal Selling and Sales Force Management
15. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
16. Marketing Planning
17. Rural Marketing
18. Consumerism
19. Retail Management
20. Global Marketing
21. Insurance Marketing
22. E-Marketing
23. New-Horizons in Marketing
24. Indian Marketing Environment
25. Competition Analysis and Strategic Response
26. Event Marketing
27. Marketing Information System (MkIS)
28. Business Marketing
29. Social Marketing
30. Neuromarketing
31. Fundamentals of Marketing of Services
32. Direct Marketing
33. Case Study

About The Author

Dr. K. Karunakaran is presently Visiting Professor at St Joseph College of Commerce, Bengaluru, and Academic Consultant. He retired as General Manager from the Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd, Kochi, one of the largest Public Sector Enterprises in India, after a long service of 33 years. Being a prolific writer, he has published more than twenty four books on management subjects, most of which are prescribed texts for the MBA courses of various Indian Universities. He has also published several research papers and articles in leading news papers like Economic Times and The Hindu. As a regular contributor to Spectrum, the weekly supplement of Deccan Herald, Bengaluru, he writes picturesquely about his visits to the ancient shrines of Karnataka. As an accomplished artist, he has held many solo exhibitions of his paintings. He is also an active life member of People for Animals.

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