Encyclopaedia of Logistics Management(Set of 3 Volumes)

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

Management of logistics is commonly known as a significant stream of management. It deals with supply of goods from manufacturing place to market place. So, logistics is an organization, which manages the flow of goods, statistics and various other concerns, like products and services for the people from the plant of production to consumer areas. It consists of segregation of information, handling of goods, packaging and transportation, warehousing of materials and so on.

Keeping in view the emergence of Logistics Management as a significant discipline in the fold of Management, a pressing need for a holistic and authoritative book was being felt among the concerned, which might prove to be beneficial and informative to professionals, on job as well as enlighten the students and scholars, alike.

This meritorious work is worth purchasing and keeping, as an asset.

Book Content of Encyclopaedia of Logistics Management(Set of 3 Volumes)
Volume − I
1. Introduction
2. Components of Logistics
3. Logistics Strategy
4. Alternative Mechanism
5. Business Planning
6. Business Forecasting
7. Business Inventory
8. Business Cycles
9. Production and Manufacturing
10. Manufacturing and Logistics

Volume − II
1. Product Line
2. Packaging and Labelling
3. Marketing Decisions
4. Marketing Levels
5. Market Target
6. Market Segmentation
7. Distribution Strategy
8. Supply Chain Logistics
9. Established Distribution Channels

Volume − III
1. Decision Process
2. Price Forecasting
3. Price Determination
4. Quality Control
5. Customer Behaviour
6. Customer Service Initiative
7. Effectiveness of Promotion
8. Social Influences
9. Transport and Distribution

About The Author

Dr. M. Shamim, a prolific writer and scholar in his own right, he is a senior member of Faculty at Aligarh Muslim University. He is respected fo his expertise in management and related subjects.With a teaching backdrop, he emerged as a reputed author and scholar. He has many books to his credit.

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