Personality Development And Communication Skills

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2009

No. Of Pages : 336

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About The Book

Generally, students tend to concentrate more on `hard skills` that is, technical and subject oriented skills at the cost of `soft skills`. Soft skills, also called people skills are personality traits, social graces, communication skills, leadership quality, problem solving ability, organizational ability, friendliness, honesty and integrity, hard work and many more. In order to move up the ladder of success one has to excel in both types of skills. While some skills are inculcated in childhood, some others could be learnt and adapted in later years. Recognizing the importance of developing a good personality and honing communication skills, Bangalore University has incorporated Personality Development and Communication Skills for all Semester BCA course.

Book Content of Personality Development And Communication Skills

Unit 1 : Personality
Unit 2 : Determinants of Personality
Unit 3 : The Self Concept
Unit 4 : Leadership As A Process
Unit 5 : Interpersonal Relationship
Unit 6 : Career Planning
Unit 7 : Profile Of Great Personalities

Unit 1 : Communication
Unit 2 : Forms of Communication
Unit 3 : Written Communication
Unit 4 : Non-Verbal Communication
Unit 5 : Formal And Informal Communication
Unit 6 : Interpersonal And Interpersonal Communication

Guidelines For English Usage
Grammar and Vocabulary

About The Author

Pushpa Ranganath -

Head Department of Languages,

T.John College, Bangalore.


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