Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Practicals)

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

This book has been developed as part of a course that will prepare you for a career in the health or natural sciences. The information it contains is highly technical and it provides a foundation for the practical hands-on work and critical thinking that are an integral part of many science-based professions. You will need to understand concepts such as cell structure, physiology, disinfection, drug actions, genetics, pathogenesis, transmission of diseases, and immunology, just to name a few. Like all science courses, this type of course will require prior preparation, background, and significant time for study. You will need to develop a working knowledge of terminology and definitions, and to learn explanations of the "how and why" of many phenomena. Like all learning, it can be a lifelong discovery experience that makes you a well-informed person who can differentiate fact from fiction and make well-reasoned interpretations and decisions.

Book Content of Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Practicals)


Introduction To Techniques
  1. Regulations
  2. Experiment No. 1
  3. Experiment No. 2
  4. Experiment No. 3
  5. Experiment No. 4
  6. Experiment No. 5
  7. Experiment No. 6
  8. Experiment No. 7
  9. Experiment No. 8
  10. Experiment No. 9
  11. Experiment No. 10
  12. Experiment No. 11
  13. Experiment No. 12
  14. Experiment No. 13
  15. Experiment No. 14
  16. Experiment No. 15
  17. Experiment No. 16
  18. Experiment No. 17
  19. Experiment No. 18
  20. Experiment No. 19
  21. Appendix
  22. Questions for Viva


About The Author

Dr. Suhasini Bhatnagar is a Ph. medical Genetics from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and M.Sc in Biotechnology from M.S. University of baroda. She has almost 15 years of academic experience in reputed college across the country. The author has several research papers to her cedit. Her teaching at the Sinhgad Institute has pioneered new teaching methods in Biotechnology under Poona University. She has been actively involved in Research, Training and development. She has authored several books and also has a distinction of making several presentations at National and International level.

Dr. Kishore Namdeorao Gujar Ph.D., M. Pharm., Professor in the Department of Pharmaceuties, Faculty of Pharmacy, A1-Arab Medical University. Benghazi (Libya), has a wide teaching and research experience of more than 28 years.

He is former Professor (Pharmaceutics) Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune College of Pharmacy and Sinhgad College of Pharmacy Pune. He has worked as Principal / Director at various colleges under Mumbai and Poona university. He has been actively involved in several academic and industrial R & D projects in India and abroad with more than 80 research publications and select books to his credit.

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