Non-Chordate (Invertebrate) Zoology Practical

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 594

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About The Book

What is the need of the present book when a large number of Zoology practical books are available? One may rightly ask. Answer to this query is rather painful. However, honestly speaking, the interaction between teacher and students in practical classes is now declining to the extent of extinction. Therefore, keeping in view the crises of teacher-taught ratio in the present scenario also called` substitute has been attempted to help the growing number of students. Though authors firmly believe that no text book can replace a teacher.

This book is entirely based on our few decades of personal experiences in laboratory dissection of organ systems, preparation of materials, slides, cytological exercises and statistical verifications. With this belief authors wish to present an useful guidance to the students for their laboratory work. As for we are aware, in no practical text book identification of specimens based on their finer and specialized features have been so meticulously dealt with.

Book Content of Non-Chordate (Invertebrate) Zoology Practical
  • Characters and classification of Non-Chordates.
  • Study of Museum Specimens and Slides of Different Invertebrate Phyla.
  • Curious in Invertebrate Zoology.
  • Manor and Major Dissections.
  • Preparation of Important Fixatives, Stains, and other Reagents.
  • General Procedure of Microscopic Preparations.
  • Invertebrates Culture Methods.
  • Permanent Stained Slides of Minor Dissections − Slide Preparation.
  • Experimental Cytolozy and genetics.
  • Behaviour Exercises.
  • Experimental Ecology.
  1. Biometry (Biostatistics).


About The Author

Dr. J.P. Shukla -

Reader, P. G. Department of Zoology,

S. Kisan P. G. College, Basti (U. P.)

Dr. K. Pandey -

Head, Department of Zoology,

And Dean Faculty of Science,

DDV - Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur (U. P.)

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